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HiLo and behold!

HiLo FlipYou may recall that we found this clever new high chair at the ICFF show in the Spring. We were wowed by the simple genius of the concept, and the graceful execution. We are delighted that the chair is now in stock.

Basically, the HiLo chair has two seats, one designed for babies (Hi) and one designed for children (Lo). The two seat molds were created based on anthropomorphic data for children ages 6 months to 6 years of age. With a simple motion, you can flip the seat from one side to the other, making it a breeze to use the seat with multiple kids (ideal for grandparents). The infant side has a nice (and pthalate-free) tray with a lip to contain messes, and a comfortable, padded 3-point harness. The tray has a crotch bar built in for added security.

The Hi position is tall enough to tuck under a countertop, while the Lo position is table height. In the Hi position, the weight limit is 40 lbs, and in the Lo position, you can go up to a whopping 100 lbs. So this is a seat you can use for a long, long time. The Lo position also creates a footrest, which is important for helping kids sit comfortably.

As far as cleanability, the HiLo is outstanding. The molded plastic is deeply colored and wipes down easily with a wet cloth and some dishwashing soap. The seat is contoured so that no cushion is necessary, further reducing the number of things that can get dirty. The tray is not dishwasher safe, as far as I can tell from reading the instruction manual, but with all the other advantages, it just may be worth the sacrifice.

Shipping houseOh, and best of all? The HiLo’s box can be recycled into a playhouse. Seriously.

The HiLo chair comes in four colors and retails for $395.


  1. Former Baby Products Designer

    First time moms beware. It sounds cool, but the first question to ask (beyond safety) is “Is it easy to clean?” You are going to clean this thing 2-4X a day, every day. There are a lot of high-end, ridiculously expensive highchairs out there that will look good in your kitchen, but they aren’t necessarily easy to clean, comfortable or even all that safe (especially if you have an active toddler). Finally, what parent is going to get a 6 year-old in a highchair?? You’ll be lucky if you can keep them in it until they are two, and quite frankly, even if you could, you’re not going to want that big, bulky messy thing in your kitchen beyond 24 mos anyway!

  2. As someone who spent hours scraping crusted spaghetti sauce out of a Prima Pappa with a toothpick, I can definitely appreciate the comments above about ease of cleaning. But to be fair, the HiLo is one of the easiest-to-clean high chairs on the market. It’s made entirely of molded plastic with no crevices to trap debris. And for what it’s worth, my oldest is about to be 6 and she is still thrilled to sit in a Tripp Trapp at every mealtime. I think if we had a HiLo, she would be happy to sit in that too. There are a lot of things a kid will outgrow quickly, and the more baby-ish a piece of gear looks, the faster the kid wants to be done with it. But these more contemporary designs, especially those with a special “older kid” transformation, do not suffer from the same short shelf life.

  3. I have to say. I had this chair for five years!!! My DD was SUPER messy and this was the easiest to clean high chair we had – the flip aspect is GREAT because three and four year olds are STILL messy at the table. We had three different high chairs for my older one. Great design, great chair.

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