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How d’you Doomoo?

Doomoo chairI’ve been a huge fan conceptually of the Doomoo chair since I first heard of it more than two years ago. Maybe it’s sentimental. I bought a similiar, adult size chair from a European furniture store in a fit of entitlement when my first pregnancy went overdue. Ambling around downtown Boston, hugely rotund and completely miserable, I sat on the chair in the showroom and never wanted to get up again. Bless my husband, who, out of either fear or sympathy, negotiated to buy the floor model and carried it home for me. It’s still in my daughter’s room.

In any case, I saw the Doomoo in person last year at the Kind + Jugend show in Germany and I really fell in love. Fortunatley, the company has found a US distributor and found a way to modify their design to pass the US safety standards.

The Doomoo is a microbead beanbag chair designed for babies and children. The top of the seat is a stretchy fabric that creates a delicious sinking feeling when you sit in the chair, while the sides are constructed from a stiffer leather-like fabric that ensures the seat holds its shape. The chairs also feature beautiful contemporary color combinations that are whimsical but attractive enough to compliment any decor. Each chair comes with two zip-off tops, one that has a three-point harness and one that does not. The Doomoo will hold up to 65 lbs, so it’s a wonderful long-term investment.


  1. Where can I can I find one of these in the US?

  2. We are still waiting for the ones we ordered in September. I have a bad feeling about it, since we haven’t heard any updates in months. I’m going to call the US distributor this week and inquire.

  3. I have been searching for one in the US as well. Who is the US distributor? Do you have contact info you can offer me?Thanks so much!!

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