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i’Coo Targo on YouTube

Check out this video demonstration of a new stroller from i’coo, the German company responsible for the i’coo Pico, which was a nice stroller but never really took off here in the USA. The new Targo looks a lot like several other hybrid style strollers on the market, but it has a couple of innovative features. I love the height adjustment feature, especially.

It’s hard to really evaluate a stroller by watching a video, and the line “Why wait to start spoiling your child” really made me cringe. But form your own opinions. I don’t have information yet on pricing and availability. The Grand Touring Baby website (they are the US distributor for i’coo) has quite a bit of information. The most surprising spec, at least to me, is the handlebar height range. I wonder if it’s a misprint, but the range is 23.5″ – 40″, which would be good if you wanted your preschooler to help push the stroller instead of your tall husband. I’m pretty sure the handlebar height on a Maclaren Techno goes up to 44″, so I can’t imagine this one tops out at 40″.


  1. I actually was on Stroller Queens website and she rated this stroller “best in show” at the ABC expo in Las Vegas (which I was told is like “The Auto Show” for strollers . She really knows her strollers so I am really excited to try this one out. I still haven’t heard exactly when this will be available, anyone know?
    – Samantha –

  2. This stroller looks like it has so many practical features that other strollers don’t have. I really like the “baby ergonomics” that went into the design.

  3. I actually checked this stroller this past weekend and I was sold. It sat on the floor right next to the Bugaboo Cameleon – which we went to inspect as I thought I would buy it. After we left the store I was sold on the Targo from iCoo. As mentioned here the height adjustment was the selling point for me – bcs I have a bad back – and although I have learnt how to bent carefully, I still know that one day, if I am bending to put the baby inside the basinet on the Cameleon, my back will snap… So that was the downside of the Cameleon – plus the basinet was for a giant baby, usually babies use that for up to 3 months – I doubt there are babies that need all that space. The Targo also felt lighter to us so I think I am going for Targo instead for the posh and ubiquitous Bugaboo that has become such a status symbol in Manhattan.

  4. Oh sorry – it costs $700 including taxes in the Schneider store on 25thStreet & 6th Ave in NYC

  5. The i’coo Targo Stroller and Pram is now only $599 for the entire package! A great deal for an amazing stroller.

  6. Definitely the best stroller on the market. I wish I could have waited long enough for the Disney I’coo to arrive, but my son is already three months old, I purchased the starry night and love it.

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