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Just a phone call away

Thanks to grannyg for this tip:

There’s a really cool new service for expectant parents. SnappyBaby will deliver news of a new birth via phone and e-mail for you. From what I can see, it seems really simple (they say it’s so easy even a husband can do it. Ouch.) – you call and record a message with all the details, and they send the recording by phone and/or e-mail to your recipient list. I imagine it would save a lot of time. But while the marketing materials suggest that SnappyBaby can tell all your loved ones the good news, I think my mother would not have been thrilled to get word of a new grandchild via a recorded phone message. So my vote is, friends and extended family? Yes. Immediate family? No.

One comment

  1. I actually received a gift certificate to this company at one of my showers. My husband and I could not believe something like this existed! We’re all signed up and have our print-out in the bag. When the baby is born, we’ll call, record the message, and bam it’s done. (Our parents will be there, but I could not agree with you more!) With over 40 people to call we believe Snappy Baby will save us a ton of time!

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