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Keeping Baby’s Legs Warm

Baby LegsSure, maybe legwarmers were an 80’s fad best left to the pop-culture history books. But for babies and little kids, they’re a very practical way to keep warm on cold days. You don’t need to be a Flashdance fan to think these are cute, either. Baby Legs has introduced a whole line of mini-sized legwarmers in very hip patterns.

Believe it or not, I actually found this Seattle-based company in Cologne at the Kind + Jugend show. I met Nicole Donnelly in the American Pavilion, where I was instantly infatuated with her adorable wares. She gave me a pair to take home, and I tested them out on my two-year old, who happens to be going through an intense skirt phase. She refuses to wear pants most of the time, so the Baby Legs were just what the doctor ordered when the weather turned cold. She was able to put them on herself, which she loved, and they were so much easier than tights for diaper changes. Best of all, they kept her nice and warm.

Nicole originally made these for her own baby, and found that they were very useful for protecting knees during crawling. Soon, she was selling them out of her diaper bag, and the rest is history. We’ve got an assortment of styles in our store, or you can see the full line at Larger sizes are avaiable too, for older toddlers and preschoolers.


  1. I ordered from them earlier this year, and got stuck on a mailing list without asking for it, and had some trouble getting removed. They ended up being really nice about it, though, and even sent me some free stuff (and theoretically I’m no longer on the list!).

    The new version is much nicer than the older iteration, too — the elastic doesn’t pinch the kid’s legs anymore.

  2. We loved these last fall/winter. At home, our son wore onesies and babylegs….making dipe changes a lot easier. Going outside means putting on a pair of pants. The babylegs did a good job covering that gap between the bottom of the pants and the top of the socks.

    They have 2 types….narrow cuff and wide cuff. I found the wide cuff too tight. But the narrow cuff was awesome … not to mention adorable.

  3. oh my gawd, sheri. save me some.

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