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Let it shine

This isn’t quite as hot off the presses as some of the other products I’ve covered, but I’m a huge fan, so I thought I’d spread the love. The Light Night is a completely unique design that is wireless, rechargable and incredibly durable. Let it charge on the included base all day, and it will shine all night long, night after night for more than a decade — and it will never get hot.

They are also easy to use, even for very young children (my 1-year old figured it out immediately). Click the large center button once for bright light and twice for a soft, colorful glow.

It provides enough light for late-night reading, nursing, navigating to the bathroom, or even finding the binky that rolled under the crib. This is one of the most useful, innovative and well-designed new products I’ve seen in a long time.

For the budget-minded who will surely raise eyebrows at the pricetag, I suggest you consider the longevity of this product. With regular use, the LED lights will last 11 years. That’s about $.05/week.


  1. No doubt the LEDs will last that long, but what about the battery? A NiMH recharable cell is generally good for 500-1000 charges, so if you’re using it nightly, it’s going to wear out in a couple of years. (It’s not clear if the battery is end-user changeable — is it?)
    And lithium batteries, which are lighter and better in many ways, are only good for 300-500…

  2. That’s a great question. I’m forwarding it to the company to see what they have to say. I will post as soon as I hear back.

  3. Sheri’s correct Matt, that is a great question! And you are correct about 500-1000 charges, but that number is based upon full cycles so, for the battery to only last a couple of years, you would have to fully charge it and then let the light:night remain on until the battery is completely dead. Therefore, since the light:night will last approximately 12 hours on white and even longer on the color, albeit slightly dimming as the battery loses energy, you should get much longer life from your unit than a couple of years. Also, the battery is not end-user changeable but, with a 5-year limited warranty, you shouldn’t have to worry about that until your infant reaches adolescence.:) I hope that answers your questions and, if you haven’t already, have your kid(s) try the light:night when camping, they’ll love it!

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