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Like clean clothes?

DripstikThis is one of those products that’s just parent-powered simple genius. If you’ve ever watched a kid eat an ice cream cone or popsicle, you’ve almost certainly cringed as the drips and dribbles traveled along chins, arms, fingers and, ultimately, onto nice, crisp clean clothing. No amount of diligent attention with baby wipes can prevent the mess that inevitably prevails. The Dripstik is a dumbbell shaped piece of plastic that has a slot on one side for a popsicle stick and a hole on the other side for an ice cream cone. Both sides offer a nice gutter to catch the drips before they cause too much damage.
I tested one out at JPMA, and was impressed with how solidly it held my cone, and how easy it was to hold. Once the weather gets warm, we are regulars at our local scoop shop, and I will definitely be toting a couple of these. Its so much smaller and easier than the alternative – a change of clothes.

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