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Mini is in, so I hear.

Baby Jogger City Series MiniA little birdie told me that the Baby Jogger City Minis have been spotted in our warehouse. These were one of my favorite finds at the ABC Show, with a winning combination of compact and uncompromising. The fold is outstanding, like all the City Series models. It’s just ridiculously easy. The footprint is nice – it’s small but it doesn’t sacrifice too much room in the seat. The weight is probably as good as you could expect, at just under 17 lbs. In spite of all the scaling down required to miniaturize this model, the best part is still the handling. It was really impressive, at least on the floor of the convention center in Las Vegas. The front wheels¬† have suspension, which helps soften the ride without the aid of pneumatic tires. For newborn through 50 lbs. Suggested Retail Price is $199. There’s a whole bunch of accessories coming out, and a double version due in December, so watch this space.

To see available colors & more information, go here.


  1. I was speaking to a rep from and she was telling me a new line of baby jogger city series was coming out in January sometime that she had seen at a trade show. Are the mini strollers the ones she could possibly be referring to or is there another line of Baby jogger double strollers coming out?? I also saw a picture of the the new Valco double stroller coming out – any idea when these will hit the stores?? And one more query, the same rep told me that the brand Bumble ride was coming out with a double stroller in January 2008. Have you by any chance seen these and if so, how do they compare to the baby jogger and valco double strollers?? Thanks so much in advance. Love your blogs by the way….


  2. Hi Koldia,
    I’m pretty sure she’s talking about the Minis – I don’t remember seeing anything else, but then again, I was so dazzled by the Minis, I might not have noticed.

    I did see the small Valco stroller at the show, but I don’t recall when it will be available. I will check.

    I also recall that Bumbleride is going to do a double.

    It’s unfair for me to really compare the three, since I only spent quality time with the Baby Jogger. In general, the Bumbleride strollers are beautiful, but they don’t always perform as well as other comparable models. I’m a big Valco fan, but the Valco I saw was still not a final version, and it didn’t have the same agility and responsiveness as the Baby Jogger.

  3. My husband and I have been “test driving” the City Mini and the regular City strollers at a store local to us in DC. I love the weight and size of the mini, but we can’t decide if the wheels will be “rugged” enough, since they are a good deal smaller than the regular City stroller. Did they seem sturdy to you? We don’t plan on doing off-roading with the stroller, but there are a lot of cobble stone streets in DC and we don’t want to buy something that is going to fall apart in a year.

    Also, do you know when Baby Jogger is suppose to come out with the accessories to the Mini? I can’t find any info on this on the Baby Jogger website. We’re not due until late Feb., so there is no big rush, but I don’t want to buy something that I will not be able to attach my car seat (Graco SnugRide) to from the get go.


  4. As far as I know there is also a baby jogger city series elite coming out which is a fancier version of the current baby jogger city series-I am almost sure it is called the elite.

  5. yes, it is called the Elite. It is on their website. Looking forward to seeing it in Australia in early 2008 – hopefully before I become a Mum – I want it!

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