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Day 10: phil&ted’s Nest

Everyone has their own sleep styles, patterns, and positions. In the US and Europe, we mostly sleep in elevated beds with blankets and pillows. In Japan, about half of the population sleeps in a Western-style bed, while the rest sleep on flat futons on the floor. Various hunter-gatherer societies sleep either on leaves, on thin mats, or on the bare ground. For folks with exotic tastes, designers have created unusual sleeping arrangements like the German Private Cloud Rocking Bed and the Belgian Floating Magnetic Bed.

Babies have simpler tastes; they might sleep in a crib, or a bassinet, or with their parents. In the Philippines, parents rock babies to sleep in a hammock called a duyan; in Bali, it is traditional to carry babies continually for the first six months of life, so they do most of their sleeping in a caregiver’s arms or in a sling.

And some babies sleep in a Nest. Not just baby birds! The Phil & Teds Nest Travel Bed, which we’re giving away today, is a two-piece traveling bassinet: there’s a bed, and a bag, which, together, weigh 5.5 pounds. The bag carries the bed, and assorted baby baggage; the bed has fold-out walls that keep your baby (newborn to 9 months old) feeling secure, and a nice firm mattress that sits on a base designed for good ventilation.

So whether you’re traveling to Japan, Germany, Bali, or Delaware, the Nest Travel Bed is an easy way to give your baby a good night’s sleep. Enter to win and take it on your next vacation!

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