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The best diaper bag shopping guide ever, at Parent.Guide

skip hop dash diaper bag

Updated 4/20/2017: Discover Your Diaper Bag: Basic Diaper Bag Types and Uses

Not all diaper bags are created equal, and the reasons they might not be right for you might catch you off guard. For instance: just because a bag has a thousand little pockets, that doesn’t mean you’ll be able to access them all. Nor does it mean that, if you tend to stuff items into a bag without looking, that you’ll use any of those pockets at all. Or, you may love the look of a messenger bag – but can it hold enough gear to keep twin babies diapered and fed on the go? (Depends on the style.)

So we were very pleased to find this exhaustive, wonderfully researched diaper bag shopping guide, by Jess Miller at Parent.Guide! Not only does it carefully delineate the types of diaper bags you might want, but it goes through every single feature, and makes sure you seriously consider your lifestyle, body type, family configuration, and so on before you buy. A thorough read of this guide may not necessarily direct you to the bag you need, but it will definitely keep you from buying the one that you don’t.

SKIP-HOP-duo-double-deluxe-black-230000-fI wasn’t surprised to find that a lot of their top picks were from Skip Hop: we love the practical, well-thought-out design of their bags, and they have a great look, too.  Miller praises the Skip Hop Dash Messenger Bag, noting that messenger styles are popular among couples that share a diaper bag. The Skip Hop Duo Double Deluxe also wins high points as a bag enormous enough to hold all the supplies for twins – a tall order for most bags! Backpack diaper bags also win praise for their unisex look, hands-free carrying, and weight distribution that’s friendlier to your back, as does the bare-bones Pronto Clutch, which can ride along on your wrist for quick trips.

Finally: we agree with Miller that it’s worth spending a little more for a mid-range bag, for the sake of quality construction and design. Keep in mind that you’re going to be using it for one child for two or three years, and may also use it for subsequent kids, so it’s better to pay a little more up-front than it is to wind up buying several diaper bags over the years.*

Check out The Ultimate Diaper Bag Guide at Parent.Guide and let us know what you think! Did she miss anything? Got any diaper bag tips of your own to pass on? Let us know!


*Or, if you’re one of those women like myself who basically carries her house on her back, you’ll still want a gigantic bag even when the kids are out of diapers.


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