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Mutsy is here!

MutsyWe received our first shipment of Mutsy strollers today. I’ve written about the Mutsy a couple of times already, so I won’t bore you with too many details. We are carrying the 4Rider model, which is the sleekest of the Mutsy frames, with 2 large pneumatic tires in the rear and 2 small pneumatic tires in the front. It handles beautifully, but that’s not the big story with this stroller. The genius of the Mutsy lies in its flexibility. The chassis can accommodate the stroller seat, or a car seat adaptor. But it also takes a “Fun Seat” – a trike-style seat for older toddlers, or the much-anticipated Doubles seat, a stroller seat built for two that fits onto the 4Rider frame. This seat will not be available in the US until 2007, though.
We’ve also received their nice Step-Up Board, a product very similar to the Buggy Board that installs literally in an instant. I was pretty impressed with it when I saw it in Las Vegas, but I haven’t seen how it performs on other strollers. We’ll do some testing.


  1. I wanted to know if you carry the Mutsy Spider.. I have fallin inlove with it and Want to purchase one badly but I live in Canada …. *cries* Anyway I am asking if its at all possible to purchase one and have it shipped out to me … and alos do you know what is the max weight for this stroller?
    thanks a bunch
    Deana Carvalho

  2. To the Deana Carvaiho who asked about the Mutsy spider…you can order it online at “”, but let me tell you, if you really want the best Dutch stroller in the world, you’ll want to try the Quinny, and especially Quinny Zapp, the smallest buggy in the world when folded, and the smallest when the car seat is adapted onto the frame…the easiest to push and turn…it can do a 360 in-place, and can be controlled with one hand. I lived in Europe for several years and I KNOW Euro strollers. Quinny is the best. I have six children, including twins and triplets. I have 3 Quinny Zapps, and it takes me about 15 seconds TOTAL to unfold all 3 stroller frames from the back of my car, and get the baby seats snapped in to them. You’ll want to get the Maxi Cosi car seats, and the “Easy FIx” maxi-cosi car seat BASES. There is NO car seat system in all the world that is faster and easier than this combination. And, my husband can fit the frames in the “Trunk” space of his MINI Cooper. They’re hard to find here in N. America, and so everywhere, the strollers draw more attention than even the babies! EVERYONE stops and begs me to tell them how they can get a stroller like mine.

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