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New Lillebaby EveryWear Carrier review

Lillebaby EveryWear CarrierIf you’re shopping for a new baby carrier, you’ll find a lot of different options. You can wear your baby on your front, on your back, or on your hip. You can wear him upright or cradled. He can face in or face out. Most of the time, a carrier is limited to one or two of these different configurations. (Wraps can do it all, but have a steeper learning curve than other carriers.)

The first moment I saw the new EveryWear carrier from Lillebaby, I knew it was something special. Here, finally, was an easy-to-use, sleek, lightweight carrier that could do just about everything. I have been testing it out with Zev over the past several weeks and have been thrilled. I even wore my EveryWear to the company bowling party a few weeks ago – and was actually able to bowl (please don’t try this at home and don’t ask about my score either – I’m not a good bowler to begin with).

The EveryWear carrier is a best-of-both-worlds combination of the two most popular carriers we sell – the Ergo Baby Carrier and the Baby Bjorn. Like an Ergo Baby Carrier, the EveryWear can be worn on your front, your back and your side. Like the Baby Bjorn (and unlike the Ergo), when wearing the baby on your front, you have the option of facing your baby in or out. The EveryWear accomplishes this via a clever design element that can quickly change the contour of the “saddle” from wide to narrow, making it comfortable and safe in either direction.

The EveryWear carrier has two optional accessories to optimize the carrier for its youngest and oldest passengers. For newborns, the EveryWear offers a unique cradle insert that features a safety harness and reclines the baby horizontally within the carrier. For toddlers riding in the hip carry position, there is a special, stretchy strap that spreads wide at the shoulder for even weight distribution and comfort (reliable sources tell me this accessory was designed in part based on feedback from yours truly!). You can use the carrier in the hip carry position without this accessory, but it won’t be quite as comfy. You cannot use the carrier with a newborn without the Infant Cradle and Harness.

The Lillebaby EveryWear carrier is made from soft microfiber and includes a detachable sleeping hood that functions similarly to the one on the Ergo carrier. Like the Ergo, it takes some time (and flexibility) to get used to reaching back to secure the strap that goes across the shoulder blades. And it surely takes some practice to master the backpack position –stand over a bed or sofa until you get the hang of it.

The EveryWear can be used with the infant insert from 7 pounds and up to 43 pounds in the hip carry (my four-year-old weighs about that much). It will fit waists from 24″ to 41″ (or 62″ with the optional Waist Extension Strap).

The only downside is the instruction manual, which is not as clear as it could be. This is apparently already being addressed, but in the meanwhile, there is a flash-based instruction guide on their website which is much clearer. But that’s a pretty minor shortcoming, all things considered.



  1. customers love this carrier … comfortable and very practical … everyone loves how the child can face outward, or ride on the hip, not possible with the ergo, although very similar design … i highly recommend this carrier …

  2. Ooo…I just tried this on in the Brookline store on Friday. I LOVED it and am so glad there is an option like the ERGO that also allows forward facing.

    One thing…when I went to register for it on the mbeans website, there was only one color option…any chance there will be more options soon?

  3. I’ve been ogling the Ergo for months now, just disappointed that it doesn’t do front facing. Has anyone who’s tried this & the Ergo know if this is as comfortable? We have a Bjorn, but I can’t wear it anymore because it hurts my back too much, though my husband loves it.

  4. Coasting anon– Glad you liked the carrier! We’d be happy to register you for any of the 4 colors we carry. It’s been popular so our stock is a little low at the moment, but we have more coming in shortly, and all will be available online. Feel free to communicate any special requests to us through the “contact us” page on, and we’ll make sure it gets taken care of!

  5. i’ve been waiting for reviews of this carrier, so thank you for posting this! i like that it isn’t as bulky as the ergo, but is it comfortable for long outings? i have friends who swear by the ergo, but i think there is too much padding for my small frame. plus, the lillebaby fabric is so soft and easy to wear.

  6. I agree with you about the instructions – VERY hard to follow for a newbie. Unfortunately though, I didn’t find the flash based instructions any clearer, it’s just the SAME instructions put into “slideshow” format. Not a real demo.

  7. I will do a video today of how to adjust the saddle – that seems to be the most confusing thing. I will post a link when I’m done.

    Also, Erica, I have found it very comfortable for long outings. The padding can slip out of place a little but over bulky sweaters, but if you just sneak it back into position, it’s comfortable again. My nanny has been using it almost every day, including many miles logged at Toy Fair, and she really loves it, too.

  8. The lady in the ad has the carrier on wrong. There should be a ‘shelf’ under the babys’ bum and the ‘belt’ of the carrier should be flush up against her belly. Also the belt is supposed to be on her hips not slung forward and then high up on her back. That position on her back will put too much pressure on her vertebrae. Sheesh!

  9. Amy – wow, that’s such a great catch. I didn’t even look that closely at her until you pointed it out, but you’re right – she has it on wrong.

  10. SecondTimeMumElli

    Writing this from Europe, we ordered this through our friends and they delivered it to us while visiting us. We bought it off GreenPea – Internet purchase.

    Based on the advertising, we thought it might be comparable to Ergo and Manduca, but this product is disastrous. Despite having paid for us, we chucked it (because the 21-day return was over by the time it got to us) and bought a Manduca. Here are the limitations, comparing it to Manduca:

    – the waist buckle does not have a safety clasp!!! Shoddy! I have better clasps on my sons school bags.

    – the shoulder harness is thin and has to be clipped to the main strap and any toddler over a year playing with it can unhook it while he is being strapped in, makes it very difficult! It is an ABSOLUTE nightmare to clip it back on without taking the baby off!

    – there is no loop or holder for the extra length of the strap, so it hangs around, very annoying!

    – The straps at the back that connect the two shoulder straps are placed extremely uncomfortably and keep pressing against the top of my spine – HURTS! And it does not have any padding underneath.

    – No lumbar or back support! After a while, you can feel the weight!

    – The black straps are connected way too high, it should be much lower!

    – Quality of workmanship: seems chin/vietnam -ese, yuck! Need I say more!

    Another thing, but part of the review might be subjective: I tried to use the Lillebaby carrier with my two-month old infant, and there was no way in I could make him comfortable in that. I finally just gave up and bought a BB.

    Overall, a very flimsy product with very GOOD and MISLEADING advertising! I definitely would not recommend this product. And while I am at it, just take a look at your annoying feedback form: where does one get the production number from? Yeesh!

    I wrote an email back to SCI and their response was, i.e. despite that we bought it late-mid in 2010, we had the older model and that they had a newer model based on feedback. Yet, in all their designs and videos it is the same old model!

    And oh, Scandinavian design… for countries that are known for their quality products not to mention reliability and simplicity in design, you are kidding me, right? I think the owner just learnt a new word “Scandinavian”, whoo, let’s use that… Claiming to be of Nordic design surely means a few more dollars!

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