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A Drool Debut: The BOB Revolution FLEX Jogging Stroller!

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Most of the time, if you’re trying to tell someone how great a stroller is, you stop short of calling it “the best” – after all, even at our level of expertise, it’s possible that there are one or two models that have escaped our notice. So it’s telling that when reviewers of every type say things with perfect confidence like “For the money, this is the best stroller in the world.

Bob Flex

bob-revolution-flex-handlebarThe best from BOB just got better, and we met the latest version of the BOB Revolution at the Drool Baby Expo! The BOB Revolution FLEX Jogging Stroller takes the superb flexibility of the original to the next level with a height-adjustable handlebar. It doesn’t seem like a big change at first, until you realize that sporty parents tend to come in pairs – and those pairs are seldom the same height.

The brand-new padded handlebar on the BOB Revolution FLEX has 9 positions, adjusting as low as 33.5 inches and as high as 45.8 inches. So if Mama is short and Daddy is tall (or vice-versa), neither of them has to sacrifice any comfort in their jogging stroller; just switch the height and go, baby, go!


Aside from the new handlebar, the only change from the BOB Revolution SE Jogging Stroller to the BOB Revolution FLEX is a few new colors – you can choose between a sleek black frame and a traditional silver chassis, too. The rest of the fantastic features on this classic jogger remain the same, including:

  • The tracking adjustment dial, which enables you to straighten out your stroll if the locked front wheel is drifting to one side or the other;
  • The ability to switch from a swiveling front wheel, which lets you make incredibly tight turns (watch this video at about five minutes in to see it in action), to a locked front wheel, for straight-forward jogging;
  • Big tough pneumatic tires that can handle any terrain and give your baby a perfectly smooth ride (he’s literally sitting on air!);
  • Top-quality materials including premium bicycle parts – watch this video from BOB to see the difference between their materials and other joggers;
  •  Tons of storage, including a low-boy under-seat basket, a large seat-back pocket, and internal seat pockets for your child (they’re mesh, to avoid catching crumbs in the corners!); and more!

We expect the new BOB Revolution FLEX Stroller to hit the streets this July (get updated here!), but of course, Drool attendees already had a sneak peek. So, we want to know – what do you think of the new BOB Revolution, and are you going to get one?



  1. Does this stroller replace the Revolution SE? Also, you mentioned there is good storage. Is the lowboy storage easier to get to than the older models? Lastly, do you know the general price of the strollers will be?


  2. Will the price of the older models (Revolution Duallie SE) drop with this release like older model did in 2011?

  3. No. Bob is not discontinuing their current strollers, we will just not be carrying them. We will only be carrying the Bob Flex.

  4. I have had the flex for 2 months now and it is simply amazing I love it!

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