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Meet the Clek Fllo! A Q&A with Clek

clek-fllo-convertible-car-seat-ink-blueThe brand-new Clek Fllo Convertible Car Seat is an update on the Foonf, with a few changes that adapt the Foonf’s world-class safety features and iconic automotive design for a different group of families. Here to explain the changes for you is Chris Lumley, founder of Clek (and father of two).

Q: We’re so excited to hear more about the Clek Fllo. Why did Clek decide to offer this variation on the Foonf?

We realized that not everyone could fully utilize the benefits of Foonf’s rigid LATCH system (e.g. installing 3 seats across, installing in the centre position, etc). So, we decided to offer a seat that shared Foonf’s iconic automotive design, many of its best-in-class convenience and safety features, and incorporate an energy management system that is designed to work with belt installation. We packaged all of this into a lighter, more compact child seat.

Q: Give me the elevator speech: in one or two sentences, what is the Fllo Convertible Car Seat, and what does it do?

Fllo is our new compact convertible child seat that speaks volumes about you. Fllo says I <3 my kid. I buy quality. And, I dig design.

Q: Let’s go through the changes one by one between the Foonf and the Fllo. The Fllo doesn’t have the rigid LATCH connectors that the Foonf does – why not, and what does this change about how people will use it?

Fllo borrows many of the same best-in-class features found in our Foonf model:

  • Extended Rear-Facing: Accommodates children in a rear-facing seating position up to 50 lb.
  • Steel Anti-Rebound Bar: Provides improved stability and performance in the event of a collision (and additional leg room for the ERF child).
  • Advanced side-impact safety: Metal substructure, 3 layers of energy absorbing foam and adjustable structural headrest provide optimal head protection.
  • Automotive-inspired Energy Absorbing Crumple Technology: actively reduces the forces transmitted to your child in a collision
  • 3-across width at 17 inches.
  • Available in GREENGUARD Select Certified Crypton® Super Fabrics

The major differences are as follows:

  • Fllo’s energy management system is designed to work with a belt installation (vehicle belt or LATCH belt); whereas Foonf’s energy management system is designed to work with rigid LATCH installation (LATCH + Belt installation for the child over 40lbs).
  • Fllo is built with an integrated flip-foot for rear-facing; whereas Foonf comes with a separate rear-facing wedge and has an integrated recline function. This design results in Fllo sitting a few inches lower than Foonf when rear-facing.
  • Fllo is 10lbs lighter than the Foonf model and available at a lower price point

The biggest difference between the (2) models is that Foonf was designed for the parent/caregiver who will predominantly install with LATCH (i.e. benefit from the convenience and safety designed into Foonf’s rigid LATCH system); whereas Fllo was designed for the parent who will predominantly install with a belt.

Q: The Fllo also replaces the REACT technology with an aluminum honeycomb. Can you explain the reason for this change and the difference it makes?

Foonf’s REACT Safety System is an (Aluminum Honeycomb) Energy Absorbing Crumple Technology designed to work with Foonf’s Rigid LATCH installation. With our Fllo model, we have incorporated an (Aluminum Honeycomb) Energy Absorbing Crumple Technology that works with belt installation (vehicle belt or LATCH belt). Both are based on the crumple technology found in vehicles, and are designed to provide superior safety performance by absorbing energy in a collision resulting in reduced forces transmitted to the child in a collision.

Q: There’s also a change in seatbelt installation, right? Tell me a bit about that.

There is very little difference with the seatbelt installation between the (2) models, other than Fllo having belt guides for the lap portion of the lap /shoulder belt. The major change is that the (Aluminum Honeycomb) Energy Absorbing Crumple Technology on Fllo is designed to work with a belt installation (seat belt or LATCH belt).

Q: And the Fllo has a base that adjusts for forward- or rear-facing modes, right? Tell me a bit about how this works as well.

The Fllo has an integrated flip-foot that is used in rear-facing to increase the recline angle of the seat. This flip-foot then stows inside the base for forward-facing use.

Q: So, with these two options – what needs do you think a family has that would be better served by the Fllo versus the Foonf, and vice-versa?

Both models provide space-saving design, advanced side-impact protection, a steel anti-rebound bar and ERF capability (to 50lbs). As you are aware, there isn’t a one-size fits all car seat solution. So, we offer (2) models that have been optimized for different installations.

Foonf is optimal for:

Parents/Caregivers who plan to install their child seat using the LATCH system.

Fllo is optimal for:

  • Parents/Caregivers who will install their child seat using a seat belt
  • Needs to fit 3 seats across
  • Install in the centre position (many centre seating positions do not allow for a LATCH install).
  • Parents/Caregivers who will ERF until 4 and then move directly to a booster seat (will never benefit from Foonf’s rigid LATCH system)

Q: Is there anything else that you want to make sure Magic Beans customers know about the Fllo?

The Fllo models available at Magic Beans are all made with GREENGUARD Select Certified Crypton® Super Fabrics. So, no brominated or chlorinated flame retardants; and provide permanent protection against stains, moisture and odor-causing bacteria. Parents… these fabrics are awesome!

Q: On to the fun questions: which Clek seats are your kids in now, and which colors?

Our son Cooper sits in the Oobr Saddle (no longer available) and daughter Paige sits in Oobr tokidoki All Over.

Q: I know Clek seats are made for comfort and the avoidance of “numb bum” – got any road trips planned for the summer with your kids?

We will be taking several trips this summer with our kids to see their grandparents (~ 4+ hour car ride). That is where the head rest, recline and comfort of the Oobr really comes in handy!

Our first Clek Fllo Convertible Car Seats will be arriving soon – place your order today! Or, if you need the rigid LATCH, as Chris explained above, we still have the classic Clek Foonf Convertible Car Seat in 9 regular styles, plus Tokidoki!

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  1. I think this is one of the best car seats I have come across in last few days.

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