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NEW Stokke nursery furniture in grey and: how to decorate with grey!

stokke sleepi storm grey



APRIL 7, 2016, 3PM-9PM


Stokke is a brand that likes to give you choices: as we’ve said again and again in this blog, their products adapt and transform to fit with your parenting lifestyle and your child’s ages and stages, with a simple and elegant design philosophy that blends smoothly with a variety of aesthetic sensibilities. This makes Stokke easy for us to recommend for any family that has the budget – and given that many of their items will last you far beyond babyhood, they’d be a bargain at any price.

stokke sleepi hazy grey nurserySo naturally, when Stokke does a current trend, they’ll do it in a way that lets you customize it for a perfect fit. As we’ve already addressed, grey is THE hip color for baby gear in 2016, and Stokke has already stepped up to offer trend-watching parents the Tripp Trapp High Chair in Hazy Grey. But there’s more: now, the modern classic Stokke Sleepi Crib and Stokke Sleepi Mini Bassinet will be available in a choice of TWO different greys! So, not only can you choose grey for your nursery, but you can choose your fave – and the right shade will give you so many other amazing options for the rest of your color theme.

Your Stokke Sleepi options in grey are:

  • Hazy Grey: This darker grey, pictured just above, has warm undertones – in this array of color suggestions, you’ll see how beautiful it is with a variety of blues (light or dark), yellows, and even orange or pink.
  • Stormy Grey: This cooler and lighter grey, pictured at the top of this page, steps back a little further out of the frame to push some of your other bolder color choices forward. It truly goes with absolutely everything!

Along with the Tripp Trapp and the Sleepi, the new modular Stokke Home Nursery Collection gives you a variety of combos of white, beige, and Hazy Grey to choose from, and you can choose from a plethora of bundles that can include a bassinet, dresser, and changer, and an adorable crib with a “roof.” Choose what you need, customize the rest – it’s all part of the Stokke philosophy.

While we’re talking about grey, let’s explore some of the design possibilities that it opens up for your nursery. As our friends at Project Nursery point out, grey is “the perfect modern neutral”: you can use it to go super-traditional and tasteful, or take your design in a really bold new direction. Some of the more traditional examples from a Project Nursery roundup:

  • stokke grey pink and grey nurseryAlexis’s Nursery, shown just to the right here, uses pale greys to harmonize with and cool down petal pinks and mauves, for a classic look that’s as pretty as a sepia photograph.
  • Mila’s Nursery also uses grey to pull the Pepto-Bismol out of the pink: thanks to a variety of neutrals, they were able to bust out neon and fuschia pinks and make it look cute rather than garish.
  • The Vintage Railroad/Chevron Nursery uses a variety of warm greys as the background for pops of sunny yellow, for a gorgeous unisex look.

Or, you can take some really cool design risks with grey:

  • stokke mod nurseryI’m so in love with Ellia’s Mod Nursery! You would think that a nursery primarily decorated in coral and turquoise would look like an explosion at a surf shop, but as you can see from this pic on the right, the dark neutrals make it something else entirely.
  • Domasom’s Nursery uses grey to calm down bright orange, and blends in a few pastel pinks to subtly girl-ify the entire space.
  • Finally, Hermione’s Nursery is a master class in combining shades and textures: if you go with grey, you can stick a polka-dotted mauve decorative element on top of elephant-patterned wallpaper and add a sparkly chair and a purple chandelier, and be the envy of everyone in your new mom group.

For more grey inspiration, Project Nursery has loads more ideas to share – check out their Pinterest board of grey nurseries here.  Just writing this is making me pretty excited to decorate with grey: I’m moving this weekend and was already thinking of doing my new bedroom in light yellow, and now I’m getting pretty psyched about the possibilities!

Long story short: if you’re going to use grey as a base color for your nursery, Stokke is going to give you plenty to start with. I hope this blog has helped to get you excited about the trend – and please, send us pics of your grey nursery!

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