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To swaddle, or to Swaddle Up? Love to Dream Swaddle Up Review

To swaddle, or to Swaddle Up? Love to Dream Swaddle Up Review

Have you ever seen a baby’s ultrasound photo?

Of course you have. And if you take a look at a few of them, you’ll notice a commonality; most babies are self soothing. They’ll have their arms raised, are sucking their thumb, or are giving some sort of a teeny tiny thumbs up. That urge to self soothe definitely doesn’t quit after birth either.

So what does that have to do with post-womb sleepwear? Let’s go back to basics for a minute.

Parents swaddle newborns because they have a startle reflex. While sleeping, a baby will flinch and startle themselves awake, and you know what comes with a startled-awake baby in the middle of the night. So swaddling a baby burrito style is a great solution! Until it’s not.

Babies are escape artists, and while some little Houdinis are stronger than others, many of them will find a way to set their arms free in the middle of the night. Cue crying and sleeplessness.

And if you’re the proud parent of an escape artist, you absolutely need to try the Love to Dream Swaddle Up. Love to Dream created this swaddling alternative with happy babies in mind; they’ll be safely snug and secured, but the “arms-up” design allows them more freedom to self soothe! It’s a natural and preferred sleeping position that many babies LOVE. So many of our customers swear by the Love to Dream Swaddle Up that many of our staff members give them as a baby shower gift!

But you might be wondering, “What about traditional swaddling? What’s wrong with that?”.

People have been swaddling for DECADES, are we’re obviously still fans of baby burritos. But every baby is different! Houdinis will be Houdinis, and whether or not you’re even having trouble with swaddling, we encourage you give Love to Dream a try. Your well-rested self will thank us later.

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