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Now feeding…

Recent arrivals into our warehouse include the Skip Hop Palette Plate, some whimsical new melamine dish sets also from Skip Hop, and the new line of feeding products from Boon, including my very favorite, the ingenious Squirt, with a squeezable bulb that dispenses baby food directly onto the spoon.

In my imagination (and based at least somewhat on prior experience), these are all incredibly useful products. I don’t have a test subject for them at the moment, so I would be interested to hear real-world feedback. Anyone out there with a young eater who wants to take them for a test-drive?


  1. my daughter is 15 months and the worst eater ever. i love the idea of a spoon that dispenses food. it might work for her. when can we try them out.
    – cheryl

  2. I am dying to try the spoon with my nine month old, who thinks that every bowl is something to try and grab and dump on his head. He loves his food, but he loves making messes more. 🙂

  3. I’d love to take some out for a test spin–the boon snack cup and any spoon or fork. I have a 14 m/o who loves to feed herself.

  4. I have a toddler who insists on feeding himself, but has a really hard time getting the food ONTO the spoon/fork. Would something that dispenses the food work for him to do himself? From what I’ve seen of the skip hop pallet plate, I’m not that impressed. I’ve never used it, but I never have needed multiple bowls to separate the baby or finger foods. I either dump it all together, and he never learned the difference, or just used one bowl at a time and rinsed it in between foods. Why create more dirty dishes than you have to?

  5. My 6-month-old loves his baby jars. I’ve been wondering myself how well these spoons would work.

  6. Hi. I have a 7 month old who is just getting into eating now. We make all of our own food and are having a blast with it. I would love to help out and test some of these products for you. I have worked some with Liz Marino pre and post baby of your staff and she is fantastic! And recommended that we try some things out. I am also part of a local mommy group here in brookline with about 15 members and we love to talk about new things onthe market that work!

  7. We actually just got the squirt yesterday and used it for the first time with my 6 month old. I was really excited to try this. The best part about it was the spoon. The size and shape were perfect for his mouth and it was easier for him to eat from this spoon then from our Bjorn spoons. However, I had some problems getting his food to come out. At first it worked fine but towards the end it became difficult to get the remaining apples out. I ended up having to shake it several times and it also would kind squirt a little bit from time to time (meaning far away from the spoon). I have only used it once and plan to use it again tomorrow morning and I bet this time it will be easier. I put just the amount that he eats per feeding in and I think if I were to fill it up and save the rest for later it would be easier because the problem I encountered was when the food was almost gone. I do have to say that even if these small problems continue it still is a great product for on the go feeding. SOOO easy and portable and mess free. It would be worth it just for that. Definitely worth a try!

  8. Wow, Margaret, thanks – that’s some great feedback. Thanks to all who’ve offered to test this. I will be in touch.

  9. We bought the Squirt immediately after we saw this posting. We’ve only tried it once with our 5 month old daughter, but it definitely has some huge benefits.

    1) it is very easy to dispense just the right amount of food
    2) it works with even thick foods (our daughter likes very thick oatmeal and baby prunes)
    3) easy squeezing makes perfect one handed feeding – no bowl for baby to put her hands in
    4) nifty cap fits snugly and effectively reseals the spoon
    5) all parts are dishwasher safe – yay!!!

    There were only a few very minor downsides that we found:
    1) You still need to mix cereal in a separate bowl
    2) It is a little tricky to fill it up with food (i.e. you can’t do it while holding the baby).

    I’m not sure I’m ready to trade in all my bowls + spoons for these, but we’re definitely glad we bought it. This will be great for traveling when we don’t want to pack a ton of baby spoons, bowls, etc. I’ll probably put our ingredients in ziplock bags, mush them together and then fill the spoon.

    Very cool concept, very well executed.

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