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Celebrate classic design with the Stokke Limited Edition Anniversary Collection High Chair!

Stokke Tripp Trapp Anniversary Special Limited Edition




Whether or not you’ve heard the name, you’ve definitely seen a Tripp Trapp High Chair, since you’ll find them in fashionable homes everywhere from their birthplace in Norway to the house next door. Their popularity starts with the original and iconic look, but we also love Tripp Trapp high chairs because they’re incredibly practical as well: a Tripp Trapp High Chair begins its useful life as a high chair, but it adjusts to provide a perfect fit throughout childhood and up to adulthood. The ergonomic design – and especially the adjustable footrest – helps kids to sit comfortably through every meal, and since you can use it without a tray, you can push it right up to the dining room table so babies can share in family mealtime every day.

Tripp Trapp® Anniversary Edition Oak Black, Detail.

Tripp Trapp® Anniversary Edition Oak Black, Detail.

The Limited Edition Anniversary Collection Tripp Trapp High Chair was created to celebrate the sale of the 10 millionth Tripp Trapp High Chair by emphasizing the style elements that make this chair so timeless. You can choose from two looks for your Anniversary Collection high chair:

An additional Anniversary High Chair Cushion is also available, in natural washed linen in beige and stone grey.

The look of the Tripp Trapp High Chair is emblematic of the Scandinavian Design movement, born in the 1930s, which combines a minimalist, clean, ultra-modern style with thoroughly practical functionality. This movement aimed to democratize design, enabling every family to have “beautiful things that make your life better” in their homes. Katrín Eyþórsdóttir writes:

“Scandinavian designers were influenced by everything going on around them. With their tradition of craftsmanship and efficient use of limited material resources (due to their relative geographic isolation), they combined the best of both worlds. In line with prevailing democratic social views, everything was made to be available to everyone. The notion of enjoying the work you do was highly regarded, and the idea that beautiful things could enrich people’s lives was kept alive.”

Tripp Trapp® Anniversary Edition Oak White. Detail.

Tripp Trapp® Anniversary Edition Oak White. Detail.

The location of these northern European countries meant that material resources had, until recently, been scarce, making it more important for products to “just work.” The result is a stripped-down aesthetic that stands the test of time, and you’ll see it in items from other famous brands including Marimekko, Bang & Olufsen, H&M, and of course Ikea.

Designer Peter Opsvik is pleased but not at all surprised that his signature high chair is still a bestseller after all this time: as he told, “The distinct visual form gives [the high chair] longevity. It does not look old-fashioned and thus, there is no reason to replace it.”

Each Anniversary Collection Tripp Trapp High Chair is engraved with Opsvik’s signature, and only 4000 total special edition chairs will be made, so it’s worth getting yours today!

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