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Orbit Toddler Car Seat

Orbit Toddler Car Seat

When Orbit Baby was launched, they promised to reinvent the travel system from top to bottom, and they also promised to extend the concept of the travel system beyond the common boundaries of the infant car seat.

With the Orbit Infant System, they effectively fulfilled promise #1. The system has been a great success, with rave reviews from parents and car seat installation technicians. But what of promise #2?

Well, it’s been a long time coming, but the Orbit Toddler Car Seat will be released at the end of February. I’ve had a sneak peek at this new seat, and I’m thrilled to be posting some of the first pictures and in-depth information to appear online. I’ve always been a fan of this product and of the people behind it, and I’m just so excited that they’re about to cross this major milestone. In doing so, they will be addressing the most prevalent shortcoming of the classic travel system – longevity.

The Orbit Toddler Car Seat can be installed into a car rear facing or forward facing. In the rear-facing position, the seat can be installed with or without the Orbit Base, and the seat is designed to keep children rear-facing for as long as possible – from 20 15 – 35 lbs! Front-facing, the seat is installed using Braces (supportive pieces that connect on each side of the seat to ensure a secure installation) instead of the Orbit Base, and it can hold a child from 20 – 49 50 lbs, and up to 49″ tall.

The Toddler Car Seat was designed to include all the latest advancements in safety. The foam is EPP foam, a higher grade, softer and more durable material than the standard EPS foam. There’s extensive side-impact protection and an adjustable head rest.

For convenience, the upholstery can be fully removed for washing without needing to remove the harness straps. Like the Infant Car Seat, the Toddler Car Seat rotates on the Orbit Base, making it easy to take it in and out of the car. The Toddler Car Seat is fully compatible with the rest of the Orbit Infant System, meaning that it can dock onto the stroller and bassinet rocker.

The seat itself is sleek enough, but it is obvious that the primary consideration behind the design was safety and functionality. As it should be.

Finally, the Orbit Baby identity is green, but it’s more than just a color for this company. They are proud of their commitment to sustainability and using environmentally safe materials and practices. The Toddler Car Seat is PVC-free, and all fabrics have been extensively tested to ensure that they are free of harmful chemicals. In fact, most of the fabrics used are Oeko-Tex Standard 100 Certified.

The Toddler Car Seat will have an MSRP of $300, and the package will include the car seat, the braces and a UV-protective sunshade.


  1. Do we know what height the harness slot positions will be?
    How tall is the shell?

  2. Are those Britax-style HUGS on the harness?

    So what are we supposed to do before 20 lbs? Buy the orbit infant seat? Seems like a really expensive way to get from birth to 35 lbs RF. You could do the same thing with a Scenera for 1/15th the price. Or should we just hold baby in our arms? Seems stupid that the seat can’t RF before 20 lbs (unless that was just a typo).

  3. Too bad my son has just outgrown his infant car seat so I need to get my convertible right away! This looks great. And to the previous poster everyone I know bought an infant seat than a convertible one so the 20lbs weight minimum wouldn’t be an issue for any of them. That is a few lbs lighter than many of the popular infant seats so it would transition smoothly.

  4. Will it be possible to buy a travel system w/ toddler car seat and stroller? Or will these pieces be offered seperately? I hadn’t really had the Orbit on my radar as my son is almost out of the infant seat, but this looks great! He still has awhile in his SafeSeat, even though he’s 20# now, so I can wait until Feb!! Thanks once again for the scoop! 🙂

  5. MJ – that’s a really interesting question. I will pass it along to Orbit and see if they have any plans to offer the stroller frame as a separate accessory for the toddler car seat.

    Carolyn – I will ask the folks at Orbit to take some measurements.

  6. Actually, it will start at 15lbs.

    if it ‘s like the britax convertibles, most newborns wouldn’t fit it anyway

    You could start with an infant seat, not necessarily the orbit one.

  7. the company’s refusal this past year to acknowledge the mistakes in the toddler car seat being so delayed and their unwillingness to make any amends has been very aggravating. the attitude seems to be that if you can afford the orbit system, you can afford an interim seat too and that is just plain rude.

  8. n kradel – if only you knew the people running this company, you’d know that they are truly the nicest people I’ve met in this industry. The delays are frustrating and embarrassing to them, and I know they aren’t trying to be rude. They’re just trying to get it right. I’m sure it’s really aggravating if you bought an infant system and your baby outgrew it before the toddler seat was ready. But if you go back to the store you purchased it from, you might have some luck negotiating a special price for the interim seat. I know we certainly feel very badly about customers in your situation, and we’re trying very hard to make it right. I hope that helps.

  9. Will the toddler car seat be able to swivel when installed forward facing? If it’s installed without it’s base I assume that is not the case, am I correct? Thanks!

  10. Wow…you guys need to do your research. The prbit system already comes with an infant baby seat. That’s how the whole thing got started. The base system has the base, the car seat docker, and the infant car seat. Then, you buy the bassinet, the regular toddler seat, and the toddler car seat to go along with it. After all that, it can add up to 1700 or so, but it’s worth it.

  11. How easy do you think the forward facing install will be if no hub is used? Will there be both lower connectors needing to be clipped in and a top back strap each time you take the seat in and out? we have a disabled child so think this would be a great option, provided it is a simple take in and out with the child in the seat. Thanks

  12. Sorry if this is a dumb question (my 1st baby is still being nurtured in her womb), but what benefits are there to having a large, cumbersome Toddler Car Seat that is easily removable and placed onto the Orbit stroller frame? Doesn’t it just stay in the car? Especially since Orbit already has the folding, compact Toddler Stroller Seat that easily fits the Orbit Stroller frame. Thanks!

  13. I am one of the frustrating moms that currently own a Orbit infant system, and my son is already outgrown from it. I have been waiting for this car seat to come out, hopefully I can get it earlier. Unfortunately, just talked to Orbit again, the release date of this car seat is postponed AGAIN to end of March….don’t know what to do now.

  14. Candie,
    I really know where you’re coming from. It’s very frustrating that this product has been delayed so long. I know that they’re just trying to get it absolutely perfect before it ships, but that doesn’t offer much consolation to the families in your situation. I know they feel badly about it, and I do too.

  15. Thanks for posting this. I’m expecting my first baby in August and the Orbit System caught my eye the minute I saw it. I have researched so many strollers and car seats and though this system is pricey, to me it’s well worth it. It’s a high end stroller SYSTEM, unlike Bugaboos that are just strollers and nothing more.

    I think a lot of people are confused about this system. First, the infant seat, stroller, and base are a package … you get all of them together. If you want to buy the Toddler stroller seat or the rocking base or the carriage, you buy that stuff separately.

    As for this new Toddler car seat, I will be getting it when my baby is big enough for it, and I will be using it as the stroller seat …. therefore bypassing having to spend extra money on the actual stroller seat. That just makes a little more sense to me. I mean it serves the same purpose basically.

  16. to Candie..

    to answer your question.. this is the only toddler car seat that clips onto a stroller base. meaning.. *drumroll* that when the kid is sleeping you don’t have to wake him up to put him/her into a stroller. that is incredibly useful. mine just outgrew his graco infant seat at 16 months and it’s been traumatic the last few days having to wake him up to put him in the stroller every time i run an errand.

    previously, i could just lift out the car seat and plonk it on the bugaboo (with adaptor) and he’d keep sleeping. now there’s no way he will do that and my days are much much much harder. find myself reading and doing work in the car so i don’t wake him up. (those 2 hours of him sleeping in the day keep me sane! and he needs to nap)

    why doesn’t anyone else make a toddler car seat that clips onto a stroller base? it’s so obviously useful!

  17. Just got shipping notification from Orbit – the Toddler Car Seat will arrive in our warehouse next week!

  18. Although advertised to easily be removed from the car and put onto the stroller, when the car seat is forward facing and you are using the braces with a latch system, it is a very cumbersome process to remove the car seat to put it onto the stroller. One of the reasons we stuck with the Orbit system was to have the ability to remove the Toddler Car Seat “easily” and put it on the stroller. It would be easier if our child was still rear-facing in the Toddler Car Seat – but for those of us who children are already forward-facing…good luck…or better yet…maybe buy a lightweight stroller to keep in the car. Yes, we do have the Toddler stroller seat but it is heavy!

  19. Is the toddler car seat FAA approved for flights?

  20. I wanted to know from anyone who uses this car seat with the stroller, how useful is it when the child hits a higher weight? The carseat is supposed to weigh something like a whopping 20lbs and if you combine that with the weight of my 17 month old who weighs 36lbs, thats a crazy amount of weight to be lifing! Is this not an issue for most people? I assume this is the reason other companies do not make a toddler seat compatable with a stroller to be honest. I am interested in this car seat as it seems like it would be great for travelling with and using somewhere like NYC where I’d take a lot of cabs and I would always still use a car seat. Just wondered how people have found this new car seat with the stroller.

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