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Peek a who?

PeekaruBabywearing offers many, many benefits for both the baby and the caregiver, but climate control isn’t one of them. When it’s very warm, wearing a baby can be a hot, sweaty affair for everyone involved. When it’s cold, it’s a constant struggle to fit the carrier over a winter coat and keep small extremities warm. But I got a postcard from a vendor planning to attend the ABC show, and lo and behold, here’s another brilliant mom-invention that addresses the cold-weather concerns. The Peekaru is a fleece vest that zips over almost any soft baby carrier, with a hole for the baby’s head. It can be worn with baby on the front or the back. Sounds fantastic – can’t wait to see it in person. What will they think of next? Built-in air conditioning…


  1. I’ve seen these. They look great if you are carrying your child in front, but if you prefer a back carrying position (and it’s cold, cold, cold), I wonder if they might not take too long to get settled?

    I’m thinking specifically of the moment when I’ve got the little one in the car, and I’m taking them out of the car and putting them into the carrier. So. I take them out (I’m getting a little chilly), putting them in (I’m now definitely chilly) and then zipping something over us (I’m *cold* now).

    What about a poncho, with extra large space for baby’s head and mine? Something you are wearing when you get out of the car…and still wearing during the transfer of child to carrier?

    always on the gear hunt…

  2. I have one of these and LOVE it! This is a must have for anyone who uses a baby carrier on a regular basis. In the fall it was great with just a long sleeve shirt. It has been great this winter and is warm enough to use without having to bundle the baby up before putting her in.

    I can’t imagine using a baby carrier in the winter without it. It is one of the best baby inventions I’ve found.

    On the green front, it is also apparently made out of 80% recycled plastic which is pretty cool too.

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