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Phil & Ted & Ted & Ted & Ted

I know how many of you are waiting for an update on the Phil & Teds situation, so I made sure to hit that booth today to get the details. I have no photos to share – they were incredibly vigilant about that. What I found was a bit strange. I’m not sure I understand the logic, but I’ll present the facts and see if anyone else understands it better than I do.

A disclaimer: what follows below is written for those who have a basic understanding of the Phil & Teds stroller and how it works. If you aren’t familiar with this product, this will probably sound like Greek to you and/or put you to sleep. For a quick orientation, visit the Phil & Teds website.

First of all, the GT is dead in the water. The stroller formerly known as the GT has been renamed the Vibe, and will retail for $599. Oh, but that’s not all. In addition to the GT and the Sport (the current Phil & Teds model, which retails for $399), they are introducing two more versions of their “in line” double stroller, the Classic ($299) and the Dash ($499). Ideally I would have a comparison chart to help explain this, but none exists. I’ll go through each model and try to list the major features.

The Classic is a stripped down version of the older e3 model. It has no bumper bar, no window in the canopy and a 2-position adjustable handlebar. The recline uses a drawstring rather than zippers, and the Classic is available in only one color – Red. The fenders attach using screws (this will be significant in just a moment). I am not sure if the doubles kit seat reclines.
The Sport is not changing from the current model. In contrast to the Classic, it offers a bumper bar, a window in the canopy and a ratcheting handlebar. The recline uses zippers and the fenders will attach using screws. The doubles kit seat reclines. The Sport comes in many colors, including a new Pink Camouflage.
The Dash looks very similar to the Sport, but offers a plastic footrest, a different sort of harness buckle, a recline that uses zippers and a drawstring, and fenders that slide on and off without tools. The doubles kit seat reclines and it’s designed slightly differently from the Sport version. The brake mechanism and the fold are both controlled by the handlebar, and the rain cover and sun cover zip into the canopy. The Dash comes in two colors, red/black and black/charcoal.

The Vibe has a graceful aluminum frame, and is one pound lighter than the other three models. The bumper bar has a fabric snack tray. The canopy is larger and it rotates and slides up and down on the frame. The brake is controlled by the handlebar. The doubles kit attachment system is radically different from the rest, and doesn’t require L-clips. This model can fold with the doubles seat on in either position, but alas this “improvement” substantially complicates the folding process to the point that it’s doubtful a parent would save any time folding the Vibe with the seat on versus folding one of the others and first taking a moment to remove the doubles seat. The Vibe comes in two colors, red/black and black/charcoal.

I’m puzzled by this move, to be honest. I’m not sure these strollers are substantially different enough from each other to facilitate easy decision making for parents. What do you think? Which one would you want to buy? Inquiring minds want to know…

I do not have availability information yet. I will try to get that tomorrow.


  1. Hmmm, interesting. Looks like I should have bought the sport instead of waiting all this time on the GT. I have no prob taking the seat off as it (and the rest of the fold) was really easy. I’m surprised the new models are coming in so few colors. What happened to the lovely colors of the GT prototype models at last years show?? I think the Classic will make the cool single/double design P&T’s are famous for available to a wider, more budget concious market. I don’t really get the Dash, just some improvements over the sport or what? I guess if the changes prove significantly more user friendly (and the price difference isn’t too great) I’ll go for the Dash, though dissapointed in the color choices. Perhaps the skins will be interchangeable between models and I can buy a new set in a cuter color? Alas, I’m a huge fan of the, apparently, old e3 only Sand. Thanks for the great info!!!

  2. MJ, you might be right! My wife and I have been waiting a long while for the GT and are disappointed to hear that it won’t be a huge revolution (1 pound?!). I think that we’re leaning towards the Dash as well. We’re dying for more info!!
    I still can’t wait to see these in the stores… any word on when they might be out?

  3. ar and MJ, We were hanging off too – to see what the fabled “GT” was going to bring, but have just decided to go with the Sport, which might have a couple of niggles, but generally well proven. Better to have one now to use and get on with your life!

  4. Any news yet on the availability for the GT/Vibe? I’m in Australia and an assistant in one of the baby stores told me this week that it would be launched here in October – is this too much to hope for?

    (I do like the sound of the extra harness padding mentioned in the earlier review, and hey – a pound lighter is not to be sniffed at!)

  5. The vibe will not be available until at least December.

  6. I am eager to hear any updated info, as well! I have been holding out on buying since MARCH!!! Does anyone know if there is an email address or phone number we can use to contact P&T’s directly, to ask any questions? It kinda seems odd that we have no real way to verify all of the information we have access to out here on the web! I would love to be able to contact P&T’s directly, to clear up any myths or rumors, and get the straight facts!

    Still Holding Out for the REAL DEAL

  7. “Does anyone know if there is an email address or phone number we can use to contact P&T’s directly, to ask any questions?”

    AS, I called P&T last week and they refused to tell me… damn protection of brand and marketing plans, grumble grumble!

    I only have an Australian number for them (1800 888 586) but I’m sure if you call your local supplier they will be able to give you one.

  8. To be perfectly honest, I’m not sure that contacting Phil and Teds directly is going to provide any clarity. Based on what I saw and heard, I don’t think they’re even 100% sure what their plan is.

  9. I called Phil and Teds the other day when I first read something on the net about the Dash/Vibe. I spoke to somebody called Liz who was very cagey (lovely, but cagey) about giving out any details to do with release dates. She said P&T don’t like to talk to much about new models before they’re released onto the market and then she said if I call back in a couple of months maybe she could help me out. So she’s saying that she can’t talk about it til it’s out but she can talk about it in a “couple of months”… do the math.
    Both Tots On The Go (above) and buggyunlimited are saying December and that’s a whole lot more information than I think any of us will get from P&T.

  10. I too have been wanting to know about the 2008 models. I spoke with a retailer who had just gotten back from a show and she had little information to share. So I contacted the USA stockist off of the P&T website. Here is the email I received. Maybe it will be helpful to some. The info you have provided here has been very helpful to me. Thank you.
    Email below:

    Dear Jeanine,

    Thank you for your e-mail. Unlike other stroller manufacturers,
    phil&teds don’t name their strollers and their upgrades by the year.
    is instead version 1, etc. They also improve as they go along so it is
    difficult to say what will change with their next production run.
    there will be two more models coming out late this year, the Dash and
    the Vibe, both inline strollers. I can’t tell you any more about them
    since I have not seen them. They have been shown at a show just
    recently and it seemed everyone was excited about them. Sorry that I
    can’t be more specific.
    Best regards,

    Monica M. E. Eklund – Returns/Customer Care
    Regal Lager, Inc.
    1100 Cobb Place Boulevard
    Kennesaw, GA 30144
    V: 770.955.5060 ext. 127
    F: 770.955.1997
    “Building Quality Brands”
    —–Original Message—–
    Sent: Saturday, September 15, 2007 12:55 PM
    To: Regal Lager – Customer Care
    Subject: Request from Website – Phil & Teds

    Request Date: 9/15/2007 12:54:53 PM

    Brands: Phil & Teds
    Request: Sales Information
    How Heard: Friends
    Comments: I was interested in purchasing the Phil and Ted’s 2007 Sport
    Buggy but would like to know if there will be any changes and/or
    improvements on the 2008 model and if I should wait to purchase it at
    that time. Thank you.

  11. I got an e-mail from my Regal Lager representative yesterday, and according to her, the new buggies will be available in early December. My most recent price list has all four buggies and all their accessories on it, so that’s a good sign.

  12. As an owner of the 2007 Sport double, the main problem I encountered when I first had my newborn was not being able to put his carseat in the stroller and still have my 1 year old use the stroller. Using the stroller’s newborn position was stressful for me. It was very awkward to get him in and out, while having my 1 year old sit in the front seat. Taking him out of his carseat, where he was usually already asleep, was very inconvenient since it would most times wake him up.

    Now he is 4 months old, and I can put him in the front seat of the Buggy, with my 1 year old in the back. It works awesome and both are happy.

    I am disappointed they have not figured out a design to address this significant problem… also it would be nice if they could shave more off the weight.

    All in all, I would definitely buy the stroller again. The baby does not stay in a car seat for very long.

  13. Melissa,
    I totally agree with you. For years we’ve been asking them to do a design that takes both an infant car seat and a second child. I believe that P&T is planning to release an infant car seat in the US within the next 6 months, and from what I understand, that car seat will fit on the Vibe. When we asked if it would go on with the toddler seat, they scratched their heads and said they didn’t know – it had never occurred to them to try it. Sigh. I’ll keep you posted.

  14. I was also very excited about lighter vibe, but now quite dissapointed. Is it really only 1 pound. What hapenned with the 20% lighter? Thanks so much for all the info.

  15. Thanks for all the info everyone. I am due to become a first-time mummy in feb and this gives me a really good starting point.

  16. Phil&Teds just make it more complicated with nothing really new.
    Can you wait for a year for the model? You might ended up with the kid pushing the pram as toy!!
    What hapenned with the 20% lighter? As a pram takes 2 up to 40kgs, it just couldn’t be really lighter any more. Be realistic, do you want to sacrifice the quality just for lighter? It’s already light enough, SP is heavier than e3 because the upgrade.
    To Melissa, the cocoon is for that reason! A side by side won’t have that problem at all.
    Reminder to curiosity, prototype is shown on expo/show very often without any production plan in place at all! What would you expect? SP is good enough.
    A guy played with every P&T models ever since the Kiwi Explorer.

  17. Melissa – I have the sport and I had the same problem trying to use the newborn mode. It was hard to keep my baby happy and she was hard to get to when laying in the flat position. I also didn’t like that the back was so open. Even with the cocoon my baby was not happy and I didn’t like getting her out of there. As soon as possible I put her in the second seat with a headrest so it was fine for short trips.
    I noticed that on the p and t website that the bebe carseat (and also the maxi cosi) goes on the stroller without reclining so technically if the kids are close enough in weight (mine are also a year apart) you could probably have the baby in front and use the doubles seat. Although right now the bebe carseat isn’t approved it’s worth it to keep in mind.
    What I would really love to see is an infant seat attachment on the bottom and a hard bassinet like attachment option for the bottom for babies to lie flat. I don’t know why they don’t do this. If they did that and added on a better sun canopy it would be perfect.
    I still love the stroller and it’s still 100 times better than double strollers on the market.

  18. If you guys want a glimpse at the vibe it is featured online on one of NZ’s tv networks on this link

    Click on episode #11 and IT WILL BE SHOWN!

  19. I have the 2007 Spoet E3. I would take it over the New Vibe as the Vibe is made of aluminum. Yes, a little lighter but a lot more succeptible to damage and bending. I love my e3 sport so much that when it got stolen (yes, stolen) I replaced it with the same model. It’s really the best out there and safe yourself a couple hundred dollars b/c they improved the E3 Sport from the last model and the new Vibe looks like it has so many new features, it’s bound to have some kinks!

  20. You can see picture of the Vibe and also order on

  21. Hej!
    Does anybody knows if one can use a buggy board with the new Vibe model? I have a three-year-old and will give birth to the second child anytime. Thanks for your help.

  22. Has anyone heard about the release date? I have been waiting since August for the Dash. My due date is March 10th and I am a little worried it isn’t going to arrive in time. I have waited this long for the new version and I am hesitant to settle for the old version. The first date was Dec., then Jan., now Feb/Mar. I wish P&T would post information and pictures on their website. You would think they would want to get the word out. . . Any information would be helpful.

  23. I have spoken to our local baby store who have seen the vibe and think is the best by far – looks function weight etc. They can’t wait to get stock in thought!!!! I’m looking forward to viewing it myself as pictures don’t tell the whole story.

  24. I’ve just posted a new availability update:

  25. according to recent research on prams at my local baby store, the vibe will be released in Australia end Feb, early March. I’ve had my eye on the P&T prams for a while, but am trying to justify $1000 (!) for the vibe. Will wait until it is in store before I make a final decision.

  26. I spoke with Monica from Regal today. She says that they are currently shipping for the Vibe to retail stores. She said they are not shipping the Dash at the moment. In fact the manufacturer has not even shipped to them. It takes four weeks for them to receive it since it’s shipped on a ship.

    Monica was very nice and helpful.

  27. My local baby store (Perth, Western Australia) has just informed me that the Vibe will not be available until early May – this is getting ridiculous!

  28. Just got my Vibe today, I think its great, Folds up easier than my Bugaboo Frog and my new 2 day old son fits nicely underneath, With my 3 year old in the attachable jump seat on top. The ultra soft foam makes this a much nicer stroller than the Bugaboo.

  29. Lucky you, Shawn! Are you in the US? I’m very bitter that you guys should get them before they’re released in Australia – so much for being good neighbours!

    How much does it weigh, in the end?

  30. I absolutely love my Phil & Ted stroller. I bought it 2 years ago and was not significantly impressed with the last model year improvement. HOWEVER, the change to add all of these more affordable models is awesome. To be honest, if money were no object, I would go out and by the Vibe right now. Since it is, I will have to suffer without reclining double chair, or the mighty cool snack tray (fabric tray?).

    Thanks for the review!

  31. Just got my Vibe Yesterday. I love the fabric…You can see why this stroller costs more… all the higher end materials that they have put into it. The seat has alot of room for growth and it folds to about the size of the bugaboo. (only a bit fatter) It takes some work to get used to the fold…knowing where to put everything before you actually start folding it. But I’m sure I’ll have it down soon. For a double it fits great in my car. I took some close up photos if anyone wants an overview before they order.

  32. Kristina, thankyou for the photos, are great! I just have one question, with the second seat on the back, tou could walk normaly? or you have to bend too much, or your knees touch the seat?
    I didn’t see the snack tray… it doesn’t have?
    Thanks for the photos!!

  33. Kristina, thank you for the photos! I was wondering how far the handle for pushing actually extends? My husband is 6’3″ and I’d like it to be comfortable for him too. Thank you in advance for your reply.

  34. Anyone know when the DASH will be released yet?? I am trying to wait 🙂

  35. When will the dash be avaliable? I bought the sport right before they came out with all these new ones and now I wish I had waited and bought the dash. The sport is so hard to clip together when you are putting up in sitting position. Is the dash or vibe any better? The foot brake is also a pain, I would love the hand brake on the dash. If anyone has the dash will you let me know how you like it? Thanks!


  37. I own the e3 and have had it for four years. It is time for a new one….now that i have one more baby and still a toddler! I went to check out the Vibe at the store yesterday-I was ready to buy it over the phone and then go pick it up, but the lady recommended coming by and trying it out first since it feels a lot different to push. So we went over and I wasn’t as impressed as I thought I’d be. I liked the padded seats, brake on the handlebar, and plastic footwells (the fabric on my e3 got pushed down over the years and is rubbing against the front wheel). However I didn’t like the shape of the handlebar (it felt too wide and akward). I also thought that the fold with the doubles seat on was useless. It took the girl at the store 5 minutes and 8 tries to get it to work. And it was big and cumbersome when folded. I’d rather just take it off. I am also not fond of the chrome (it looks cheap to me, although I know this is the top of the line for Phil & Ted’s.)

    In the end I think I’m going to wait for the Dash. It seems to have all of the features I still like about my e3, but encorporates all the good features that I like about the Vibe. It seems perfect.

    I’m really glad I didn’t buy the Vibe!! Looking forward to the Dash!!

  38. I just stopped by baby’s world in vancouver, canada and the dash is the best of all the newer models. You can add the extra seat and it also has a car seat adapter (p&t does not recommend using the second seat and car seat adapter together because of balance) I spoke with the sales person and you could use them together if your second seat child is not that much heavier than the car seat with the baby. The vibe is sooooo hard to fold if the second seat is on and if you want it really compact and held togetherr by the teathers then plan on sitting outside for an extra 10min before putting it in your trunk.

  39. Can you fit a car seat on the VIBE?? Does anyone know.

  40. You can’t fit a car seat on at the moment. The new car seat by phil and teds will but it hasn’t been released yet and I wouldn’t hold my breath!

    I got my vibe last week and on the whole love it. The fold is easy when you get the hang of it but with the second seat on is a bit of a pain. I love the fabric and the aluminium looks great, but I wonder how it will look after lots of use. The fixed sun shade is much better than the sport and the new strap adjustment and fasteners are excellent. It could have been a bit more compact really, I’m not sure they needed to make it wider than the sport as I think the seat width on that is fine. I love the brake on the handle as I couldn’t work the sport one, it was too hard to engage.

    My husband thinks it is absolutely great and when I was picking it apart he told me to give it a rest! That said he has no idea how much it actually cost.

    I think I would have liked the dash but can’t wait and the improvements on the sport make it worth it enough to get the vibe.

  41. Anyone know the difference between the old e3 and the new classic version?

  42. Hi=

    So out of all of the P&T buggies would you say the Sport is the best? I am going to buy one hopefully this week. I have been holding off b/c I wanted to make sure it was the right one for me. My due date is July 7 and I keep looking but keep going back to the P&T Sport.

    Please give me your best!

    Susannah & (soon to be) Sophia

  43. Susannah –
    I would probably stick with the Sport. I like the Dash a lot in theory, but it has been delayed, and I’m not sure it will be ready in time.

    PH – the Classic version is very similar to the old e3, but with no bumper bar.

  44. I really would like to purchase the vibe, but I’m worried because I have heard a lot of comments re: folding it. What is the difference between sport, dash and vibe? Any kind of help would be appreciated, I really have my mind set on the vibe. My main goal is to find something easy, compact for shopping and restaurant friendly, everything a mom needs. Thanks for your help!

  45. Im in Australia and we ended up getting the Dash. I was looking at the Sport but the clipping reclining was way too fiddly and the foot brake nearly broke my foot, I had to bend down and do it by hand. So we waited for the Dash, I figured those 2 features were worth paying the extra money for. We couldnt get it through our local baby store, so ordered it online from Babies Galore. I ordered it Mon, it was here Wed morning!! and postage was only $10. Dash was $749 with free toddler seat.

    That said the sun bonnet annoys me the way it is clipped in place, it always seems to get in the way when im loading it in the car (I’ve tried it with the presstudd done up and un done.) Also cant get the mud guards to stay on.

    My only other gripe is the plastic window for the back, it only goes on with toggles, so is very loose and complete waste of time. Would be better if it was a sun shade and a better fit. Does anyone know if the single sun shade for the dash has a seperate bit for the back? I just brought the double sun & rain covers. They dont zip on they sit over the top and you hold them in place with press studs. But I suspect this is just the double kit.

    All in all I love my Dash and am glad I didnt wait for the Vibe ( though I notice now its the other way round with the Dash sold out) It was def worth the extra money on the Sport.

    Jen; it is kinda compact for a 3 wheeler, but it really comes into its own as a twin pram. As a single 3 wheeler its pretty much the same as others. It doesnt fold down that small either, I drive a Forrester and it takes up a lot of boot space, but no more than the average 3 wheeler. For compact& light weight I would get an umbrella stroller that reclines for a newborn. But if your planning on having 2 babies reasonably close together then go the P & T. The inline seating is what sold me on it!

  46. BTW, I just heard that the prices for the Dash and Vibe are going up (July 2?) in the USA. I called the distributor’s office in Georgia and they said that the Vibe is going up from $599 (without double seat) to $679 and that the Dash (which still is NOT available here!) is going to be $549 (from $499?).

    Anyway, I went ahead and ordered the Vibe. I paid $709 with the double seat. I should get it this week. I really wanted the Dash, but couldn’t wait any longer and got sick of the delays in getting the Dash stores to try it out in person. I’m just concerned that the Vibe is TOO large. I want to take it with us on vacation but I hope we can fit all the other stuff we need for three little kids in our minivan and still have room for the Vibe!

    Did any of you order the travel bag as an accessory? Do you think it’s worth it? Would you use it for a car trip to keep the stroller protected? Is that just a dumb idea since I’m not taking it on a plane?

    Thanks in advance for any advice!


    P.S. for those of you that own the Dash, how does it fold up? Is there a place on the handlebar that you push to do it one-handed? Is it easy to do? How cozy is the seating compared to the Vibe? If this stroller is too huge to fit into my minivan, I may just return it and order the Dash online before the price goes up in July and wait for it to come in.

  47. Angela
    You need both hands to fold it down, it has a grey plastic pull thing/lever/hook on the inside of either side of the handle. And one side has a red safety button that u press at the same time. As far as I can tell it folds in a similar way to the Sport (but dont quote me as I only played with the Sport a few times in store, didnt own it). The handle goes down and you grab the bar under their knees. It pulls up and swings the front wheel down. The wheels sit on top. I must admit the one handed fold in the Vibe does sound good, but realistically I usually have both hands free any way.

    I havnt seen the vibe in person but the folded down dimensions are only a few cms diff so I dont think it would make that much of a space saver.

    The Dash is pretty cushy compared with Sport I think. Our 3.5 month old just went straight in, though I think the cocoon will suit newborn, just to make it easier to get them in and out the back entrance.

    The Dash material is less canvasy than the sport, but everyone says that the Vibe has amazing material?? I wouldnt bother with the travel bag, but am seriously considering the side panniers because when the main seat is reclining it is almost impossible to get into the basket. I imagine it would be the same with 2 toddlers as well.

  48. hello from finland,
    please,tel me is there this slide+click seat also in dash? or what makes the vibe more expensive? has someone orderes from pingpong for g and boys? i am thinking of ordering there. thanks,g

  49. Hello from NYC, USA:
    Our family will be traveling on the plane a lot and spending time in Argentina which has a lot of cobble stones streets.

    Does anyone have comments on the wheel strength of either the Dash or the Vibe?

    How about their capacity to survive airline travel? Is the dash made of stronger material than the vibe aluminum frame?

    I have seen to online videos demonstrating problems with the vibe – a broken clap making the second seat on top impossible to remove and the brakes so sensitive and not that they brake and do not come out of the break position very easily.

    Has anyone walked a lot with vibe or dash – our family has around 50 block walk to day care.

    I have not seen the Dash – is it in the US?

    The 2nd baby is due in July and my first is 3 years old.
    Any advice for us out there?

  50. Hello,

    I called today P&T in USA to ask about a date for the Dash and they told me August and it’s not guaranteed.

    The only issue I have with the Vibe is not being able to attach a car seat to it so we will wait to check the Dash out.

    We are not due until November 3rd so we think we have time but based on the dates I’ve seen on this blog I’m worried August might turn into December! 🙁

    Anyone using a car seat with the Graco adapter for the Dash?


  51. I have a Dash! I was shipped one for a review for You can read it here:

    Feel free to comment on the post. It is much better padded than the Sport (which I own), I love the new brake, The $%&&* foot brake always drove me mad. My complaints–it’s still hard to clean (none of the seats zip off) and the color choices are lame.

    On the plus side, it handles like a dream and I love the peekaboo sunshield. All in all it’s better than the sport. I’m not sure which one I will keep now. Hope this helps. And by the way, I have a stroller giveaway going on my blog

    I was also sent a grid comparing the four models. If send a comment to my blog, I will reply and try to send you the file.

  52. I have my heart set on a Phil&Teds Vibe. My sister in law has said that her toddlers would never sit in the back todler seat because they wouldn’t be able to see very well.

    She said that she spoke with another Mum at Kinder who had a Phil&Teds. She also said that her toddler wouldn’t get in the back. This is really my only concern. I don’t want to spend all this money on an expensive pusher and then have troubles once I have two children of a certain age. Has anyone else had this problem?

    She has suggested me to buy a cheap single 3 wheeler and then upgrade to Limo style double once I have my second. I have no idea what to do.

  53. A lot of parents have this perception – that their toddlers won’t like the back seat because of the view. While this may be true in very isolated cases, from what I have seen, the vast majority of toddlers actually really like the back seat for a few reasons. First, it is a very novel position. They are low to the ground, and it’s somewhat isolated. Many toddlers feel like they’re in the cockpit of an airplane or a racecar. Second, given the choice between walking and sitting in the back seat, most tired toddlers will gladly take a load off.

    When I used the Phil & Teds with my girls, once both were old enough to have an opinion, there was usually an argument about who got to sit in the back. So I wouldn’t worry about it – if your attitude is that it’s a cool seat, and a special place for the bigger kid, most toddlers will go right along with it.

  54. It has been almost 3 month since we bought Vibe stroller with double kit.
    It is such a good looking stroller, but the problem is still very heavy and bulky. It is so hard to put it into the car. You also need to make sure your car has enough space to put this huge stroller in. If you have a smaller car, you are not going to have much space to put your grocery and etc…. My 11 month old doesn’t seem to mind sitting in the back seat of Vibe. My 3 and a half year daughter loves her front seat. it is definitely looks comfortable. My other concern is that this stroller does not lock when fold. I guess it should fold with lock, but my husband and I can’t lock it somehow. Does anybody know how?? I must say the instruction of the vibe stroller is very poor.
    Also, the second seat has a metal part around it above the head rest area. It will definitely causes a problem when my 11month old daughter becomes a little taller. Since her head will hit this metal part when reclined and she won’t fit into it.

  55. I am having my second child this October (my older daughter is two and a half), and cant decide between the Vibe and the Dash. I checked the P&T website but since I don’t have any experience with P &T, it didnt really help much. Would love any help or advice anyone has to offer.


  56. Hana – you need to make sure that :

    1) the handlebar is in the highest position
    2) that the parcel carrier is folded up out of the way of the wheel, with none of it hanging down below the cross-bar
    3) the front wheel is rotated to the side (so it is flat against the buggy, if that makes sense) with the bar facing out.

    It’s a little fiddly at first but once you work out how to do it it’s not a problem.

    I agree the instruction manual is poor. P&T will send out further instructions on request, with excellent photos, but it should be in the manual to start with!

  57. Hi Hana, Just see your concern. Please check the Regal Larger web, there is a hints for using Vibe “”
    I found this is quite useful even it only got few pages.

    My wife just complain about the Vibe won’t stand alone when folded. Sometimes just want to temperary standalone to due with something else. But there is no way to do this. Anyone have an idea about this?

  58. Hello from Canada,

    I was thinking of getting the Dash but my local baby store said that there is actually a halt on all sales of the Dash (she said it wasn’t a recall, there’s just a pause on sales). The problem is that when unfolding the stroller it sometimes won’t lock into place. She didn’t know when they would be allowed to sell them again. I tried searching the web for any recall-type notices but couldn’t find anything, not even on the P&T website, so I’m a little confused since other on-line retailers seem to still be selling them. I still have some time before baby arrives, so I’m not in a panic yet but hopefully it doesn’t take them too long to rectify the folding problem.

  59. Hi, I have heard the same as above here in NZ from an online store.

  60. Hello again from Canada,

    I contacted the P&T rep in Canada and he said that the Dash should be for sale again around the end of October. They just need to audit their stock to see if any strollers were affected by the fold-up issue. I’m not sure if he’s just auditing the Canadian stock(?), but anyways, yay!

  61. I own a Dash (or shall I say did!) I had it for approx 4 weeks, I bought it the week I was due. My daughter is now almost five months old! The handle was definitely faulty and would snap out of position constantly with the slightest pressure, for instance when going up the road kerbside – quite dangerous. So I returned it to the retailer, who then returned it to P&T, and I’ve had little success since finding anything out. They offered to replace it with a sport, (this was a week ago) but as I’d already bought the doubles kit, cocoon, sun and rain covers all for the Dash, and they weren’t prepared to replace those as well, then there was no point in taking the Sport as the add on’s aren’t interchangeable. The retailer was really cagey when I asked if it was a design fault, and if they were going to recall all Dash prams (in my view, the responsible thing to do!). I didn’t even know about the locking mechanism, but in hindsight, yes, it also didn’t always click into place on the first attempt, but I just assumed it was my bungling it! I’m not the type of person to complain, and I realise every now and then faults happen, but their service and communication has been so poor, that I’m only too happy to share! My advice is to do a good comparison, and think carefully about what you want in a pram. I really liked the double set-up – its the best feature of the P&T’s range, but the handle only had two positions, and as my husband’s tall 6ft4″ this wasn’t quite adequate, the sun shade was too flimsy and easily damaged when folding as it has to be undone, the rain cover I would’ve preferred to close at the back rather than having toggles (it zipped snug at the front) and it isn’t exactly compact, nor does it lock when it’s folded, all features in hindsight that would be quite useful! However it’s toggle arrangement for the recline was good, and the cushioning and material was nice. The removable mudguards I found easy to put on and off as required. I think some of their features are great, but then others are done quite cheaply which detracts from the overall design. Shame really! Maybe one day soon i’ll have my pram returned sans faults…

  62. Kristen are you in Australia? I am in Perth and as mentioned before I had the dash. They did end up doing a recall because of what you said.

    My Dash seemed to have a different problem (the brake wire snapped from inside the handle, it was rubbing on something hidden and frayed,then eventually snapped, leaving the brake permenantly on) but I ended up having my Dash, toddler seat and sun covers ect upgraded to a vibe because of all the problems, the time it took to get it sorted ect… Phil and Ted dont deal with the end cuctomer, so it really depends on how persistant your retailer is. I must say that once I got through to the right person at the place I got it in Perth they did a marvelous job, Phil and Ted sent it all direct to me.
    The vibe is good but quite bulky. The material (sort of like wetsuit material) is nice but it shows up all food marks ( I know, what was I thinking letting my baby eat in my precious phil and ted!?!?!?)Its very syntheticy.
    I found the wheel guards came off too easily on the dash. With the vibe they are attached to the axel.
    My boy is now 12months old and we are expecting our second in 3 months, so soon ill be using the toddler seat and all.

    Oooh I would definatly buy the sun cover but wouldnt bother with the rain cover. I never use it cos if he needs it then so do I and being out in rain with pram and umbrella is way more trouble than its worth!

    And the Vibe is a little wider than the Dash, it doesnt always fit in the same places and shopping checkouts, well you do fit but only by millimeters…

    I think perhaps the P&Ts come into their own as a double pram, as a single pram its really just another 3 wheeler….Ill let you know!

  63. Hi there, just stumbled upon this. I recently sold my 2008 Phil and Ted Sport with doubles kit and wanted to say that my doubles seat did not recline. The main seat did but the doubles kit did not. Honestly I had never even heard of this before. I am now truely curious about it. Was that on an older model perhaps? Or did I somehow completely not realize this in the year I owned it…lol.

  64. Well I’ll be….mine did recline…how I did not figure this out the entire time I had it I DON’T know!!!! That would have really come in handy to know that. hahaha

  65. I have the vibe and one side has the little red clip to keep it locked open. The other side dies not have it and it is loose. That causes the frame to slightly come apart when I push the strolmer and my daughters skin get caught.
    How do I fix it to stop seperating when opened.

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