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Phil & Teds new strollers delayed

I just heard that the release of the new lineup of Phil & Teds “in-line” strollers has been delayed. The latest word is that they are making some changes based on feedback from the ABC show and Cologne, and the buggies will now be available in mid- to late-January. I’m told the folks at Regal-Lager are “comfortable” with this new timeline. I asked, but got no details about exactly what changes are being made. I will keep you posted as I learn more.


  1. In Need of a New Stroller

    I’ve been shopping around and having been considering the sport but would like to have a look at the vibe before I make my final decision. Is there any further information on whether these are still coming out this month?

  2. Unfortunately it’s not looking good. I just posted a new availability timeline:

  3. I agonised over which pram to buy when the second arrived. My first was 2 years old. I waited and waited for the new model to come out but finally had to buy a sport. My second in now 9 months old. If I had my time again I would have bought a second hand Twin Mountain buggy. Here are my reasons.
    – If you and/or you husband are tall the P&T’s is not suitable. It is too small. I hit my feet on the break and the handle is too short and low so I am hunched over to push it. My husband can’t use it and he is 6ft 4”. We walk everywhere so I rely on the pram to get around and cover a bit of distance. So it gets very uncomfortable after a while.
    – As my second has got older he hates being in the bottom seat. He can not see out and now leans forwards and plays with anything left in the basket. He also throws things out of it. Hence shopping is a pain as I have to carrry the bags.
    – Bending down all the time to get to the baby in the bottom seat is uncomfortable for both of us.
    -Even though the pram has the mud gaurds my 9 month old puts his finger out the side and rests them on the wheels while it is moving. I have to watch out that he does not put his fingers in the wheel.
    – The shade cloth does not stay on properly and is fiddly.
    – You can not hang any bags ect over the back of the pram.

    The reason it is so popular is the marketing and the price point. I think is it over rated.

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