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Phil & Teds Vibe arrives, but…

Phil & Teds Vibe StrollerWe received our first shipment of the Phil & Teds Vibe stroller. After being somewhat less than thrilled with the prototype we saw in Las Vegas, we ordered just a very small number to try. We do have floor models in all three stores, so if you’re curious about them, and you’re in the area, please come down and take a look. And please tell me what  you think.

Initial reviews from our staff are very mixed. The handling on the sample I tried wasn’t nearly as good as the Sport. The front swivel wheel doesn’t turn as smoothly, and the changes to the frame have made the steering much less responsive. The aesthetics are nice – definitely a more urban look than the Sport. The fold, especially with the Doubles Kit on, is quite complicated, and takes far more time than it would take to just remove the second seat first. Maybe with practice?

Anyway, there’s much more to talk about, but I haven’t had a chance to really look at it in depth. I’m hoping to do that tomorrow, and I want to take it out for a walk, too. I’ll reserve my final judgment until then.


  1. Hi!

    Just got mine and haven’t had a chance to test it out on the street yet….any testers outside yet?? From set up, the Vibe IS GORGEOUS, and I LOVE the fabric. That being said, I am having a hard time learning the “fold” and the wheel wells brush against the wheels making an annoying sound as I push it along… J. F

  2. If the wheels are making a clicking sound when the stroller is pushed, you may want to double-check and make sure the fenders are snapped on fully– it’s a really tight fit, and if the plastic piece that snaps over the hub area is sticking up slightly, it can bump against the wheel and affect the positioning of the axle. Hope this helps! -sarah

  3. Hi,

    I am patiently waiting to see one. I would get the sport but my older sons head touches the hood when in the toddler seat. I have read that the vibe has an adjustable head cover – hopefully my oldest son could fit in that.

    Can anybody confirm if there is more headroom in the toddler seat (when it is in the front)?

  4. I tested the Vibe next to the Sport at a local baby store last weekend. The Vibe did not steer as easily, and was bigger/more cumbersome. Also the double seat protruded further out from the stroller than it did in the sport, so my knees bumped against it when pushing the stroller. The biggest disappointment was the brake system on the handelbar–totally counter intuitive. There is a red button, that if pushed, locks the wheels of the stroller; however, the button is directly where one would place the palm of their hand when steering. So, everytime I went to push the stroller, I ended up locking it. This is a major design flaw and I believe, could be quite dangerous for babies who could get flung forward in the stroller because of such an abrupt stop. In my opinion, not only is the stroller not worth the money, but I am baffled at how a seemingly “high end” product could get released to the market with such flaws. In my mind, it reflects poorly on P&T’s design team and shows a lack of user interaction testing. Very disappointing.
    I’m waiting to see if the Dash has the same brake lock on the handlebar (which seems to be mentioned on a few blogs). If it does, that’s out of the question as an option for me too.

  5. Bump!

  6. Just purchased the vibe online today and now I’m not sure if I made the right decision after reading everyones reviews. It looks like a great stroller, however, it is my fault for not test driving one first. I’ve only test driven the sport and loved it. Is the vibe that much more difficult to manuever over the sport?

  7. Scott – I am on vacation and can’t measure in person. I will ask one of my salespeople in the stores to check this for you.

    Laura – the Vibe is not as smooth as the Sport, but it’s not *that* bad. When it comes, just test-drive it indoors first. If you don’t like it, I would assume that you could easily send it back if it’s in brand new condition. Let us know what you think when you get it.

  8. Hi Scott,

    To answer your question, yes, there is more headroom. However, you lose two inches in max torso height. From seat to the top height shoulder adjustment in the vibe it is only 13″. From seat to the top height shoulder adjustment on the sport it is 15″. Since your son is already tall this still might not be comfortable. We’ve also noticed that the straps in the vibe are not as long as on the sport making it uncomfortable for older and taller children.

    I hope that helps!


  9. I’d like to add that I just read an interesting thread about the toddler seat being a little smaller to maybe discourage parents from putting their bigger child in it when it is on the back. I thought it was a good point.

  10. I just wanted to check back in and let everyone know that I received my vibe yesterday and I was able to take it out for a spin today. I just love it! I mean I don’t have much to compare it to since, I was toting around a bumbleride. But, this stroller is just great. I know people say that there are always different things on a stroller that can be approved upon, I think there are just basic things. Like where to put your cell phone – there’s no pocket. I did order a cup holder, but that won’t be here until end of May. Overall it steers pretty fluid. I know the sport seemed to turn alittle bit sharper though! Oh, I wanted to tell everyone too that the price I got it for seemed like a pretty good deal since this product is so brand new – at the going rate of $709. I just kept searching the net for the best price and I came across baby because. It was around $638 with the double seat. I received it in a week and it was in perfect shape. I believe it was worth the price. Hope everyone finds the stroller that fits their family the best! I know I did!

  11. we’ve got a 2 and 6 mos. old. Disappointed with the Vibe. Greatest difficulty is the turning. Cumbersome with both kids in the stroller. I believe this is a design feature. The angle of the arm holding the front wheel allows the wheel to jam rather than turn when the wheel is about 90 degrees to the line of the stroller itself. Second design flaw is the storage basket. Has anyone ever been successful getting anything in or out of the basket with a child in the second seat? Less important for us, but also an issue, is the challenge of folding this thing and the placement of the brake. Clearly, the people who designed this stroller were not parents. If given the chance, I would not purchase this unit again.

  12. I have a vibe and it is the worst pram i have ever had. I had it 6 weeks and sent it away to be repaired as it wouldnt steer properly. I then got it back and now it is worse than what it was i cant use it now. I also had to pay postage top get it home from the repair agent. I am less than impressed. The steering and manouveribilty is dreadful. Get a dash it is much better Phil adn teds are replacing mine. DONT GET A VIBE its crap.

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