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phil&teds acquires Mountain Buggy

In a grand Kiwi stroller marriage, phil&teds has successfully acquired Mountain Buggy. The press release we received via fax this morning stresses that this is not a “takeover” but rather an opportunity to create a dynamic new synergybetween the two New Zealand-based brands.

Mountain Buggy currently runs a manufacturing facility in New Zealand, a key reason for the outstanding quality and reliability of their products. Meanwhile, phil&teds, which manufactures in China, has had spectacular growth in the United States with their clever “in-line” double design, but they have struggled to maintain quality control while keeping up with the demand. phil&teds has indicated  no immediate plans to shutter the Mountain Buggy factory, but instead plans to “run the Mountain Buggy factory in New Zealand before making any decisions,” according to Campbell Gower, phil&teds chief cook & bottle washeri (aka CEO?). “The key is to be internationally competitive.”

“Basically it will be business as usual to ensure that we maintain market confidence in the high quality Mountain Buggy brand and product.”

This is good news, overall. phil&teds is in the midst of establishing their US-based operation, and I’m thrilled with the quality of the people who are on board. I’m glad to hear that the Mountain Buggy product line will continue, and that the manufacturing process will not see any immediate changes. But for the longtime US distributor of Mountain Buggy, our good friends at Sycamore Kids, I’m sure this news is disappointing. phil&teds will have some big shoes to fill, to provide the level of service to both the retailers and the consumers that Sycamore Kids has gotten us accustomed to.

The phil&teds crew in the US will basically be restructuring and relaunching two of the biggest all-terrain stroller brands in the United States over the next couple of months, a daunting task for sure. But they have a good team ready to go, and I’m very optimistic. And whether this is just a happy coincidence or not, the US office of phil&teds is based in the very same town in Colorado that Sycamore Kids calls home. So maybe there’s some potential for synergy here on this continent, too.


  1. Hi Sheri,

    The kind words are much appreciated. Some things we cannot control but our customer service level is something we can and continue to be very proud of. I have always valued our partnership with Magic Beans and one reason has been we share common values including a provision of outstanding service.

    Alan Jurysta
    Sycamore Kids Inc.

  2. One of one things my wife and I invested money in when having our son was the Moutain Buggy Urban Jogger. I can’t say enough about how much use we got from this well made product and the comfort it brought our child. I hope the Mountain Buggy line continues for a long time!

  3. i ended up getting a Toro while waiting to see what would happen to MB. in retrospect, i should have waited a bit more (especially since the price was lowered)! the MB Swift is still my dream stroller, i better start saving my pennies so i can treat myself to one soon. i hope they continue to be produced in New Zealand…

  4. We have a Mountain Buggy Urban Single in the basement from Kid 1. Since Kid 2 arrived we’ve been using a P&T Sport and we can’t wait for Kid 1 to get a little more endurance so we can go back to the Mountain Buggy full time. The Mountain Buggy is a better product in every way (handling, folding, build quality, durability, effort to push) than the P&T. The P&T excels in one way: its ability to fit 2 kids in a relatively small footprint. It is otherwise awkward, difficult to turn, hard to push straight, poorly designed and constructed. They could learn a lot from the people at Mountain Buggy. I hope they do.

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