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Quinny update

I just received a revised availability timeline from Quinny, and since I know a lot of people are watching this, I thought I’d share it right away.

The Buzz and Dreami (the bassinet for the Buzz) are on time to arrive in the US on May 10. I expect we’ll have them in our store within a week after that.

The Zapp is due to arrive in the US on July 10.

The Maxi-Cosi infant car seat, the Mico, has been pushed back to August 15. The Maxi-Cosi convertible car seat (Priori) and booster seat (Rodi) are both scheduled to arrive in June.


  1. I expected this to happen.. Is the Tobi going to come to the US?

  2. I haven’t seen the Tobi on any price lists yet, so I would assume the answer is no, at least for now. I’ll keep an eye out.

  3. When are we getting info about the new Recaro’s???

  4. There seemed to be a lot of uncertainty about the retail pricing at the JPMA show. I can tell you all about the features, and I have images to share. I was hoping to hear back about the final pricing before I did that, but if people are wondering, I won’t wait.

  5. The Quinny looks great, but the two negatives I’ve heard are 1) the clacking of the front plastic wheel and, 2) small storage space underneath.

    I can’t imagine the US version has remedied the storage, but any news on the front wheel? Is it cheap plastic or something that offers a smoother ride?


  6. Oh, yes — people ARE wondering about the Recaro seats! Any info/images would be most welcome (oh please, oh please!).

    Thank you!

  7. Please, please spill the beans on the Recaro seats! I’ve been looking for info for months.


  8. Yes, yes, we are dying to hear about the Recaro’s! I can wait to hear about the pricing, I just want to start seriously thinking about whether I need to watch for a good deal on my other possible seats or hold out for the Recaro. So yes, spill on the Recaro’s, and pictures would make you my new best friend!

  9. Yes, please, I would love to know about the features of the new recaros. My mother has been sitting around debating getting a monarch or waiting for the vivo to see if it will be any better of an option.

  10. Wow – OK. Sorry about that. I will bring home the catalog and image cd tomorrow and spill the beans.

  11. Thank you thank you! 😀

  12. Yes, Yes, thank you so much

  13. I saw that on that the Quinny Buzz is now for sale. But dont expect any service from them (unlike Mbeans) aftr purchase. From the picture it looks like it has a plastic wheel and a basket. Not sure if the basket is a good size or not from the photo.

    Does anyone own the Musty 4rider? We think we will buy the Musty 4rider or the Quinny Buzz. Any thoughts?

  14. Where’s the best place to order the Maxi Cosi Tobi for delivery to the US?

  15. I was able to special order the buzz from Wild Child Gear in Arlington. They showed us how to use and put it together. Had the stroller for Memorial day weekend in NYC. Turned heads from all those bug a boo owners. The Frog is $700 and the handle bar doesnt even telescope and has to come apart into 2 piece to get into the car. The buzz folds easy and is compact. The wheels come off easy for flights or to make more room in the car for us non suv owners. Smooth to push. A great urban / light off road stroller. Looks slick in black and grey colour!

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