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Radian car seat proves its metal

Last week, a parking garage in Atlanta partially collapsed, destroying nearly 40 of the 1600 cars parked in the garage. One of these cars belonged to Sarah Maglione, a mom from Atlanta. Her SUV was parked on the second level of the garage, with her Radian 65 car seat installed in the back passenger seat.

When they pulled her car out of the rubble, it was flat as a pancake, except for the rear seat section on the passenger side. The steel alloy frame of the Radian car seat was so strong, it upheld that part of the car even as tons of concrete and other vehicles tumbled down on top of it. “That thing did not bend an inch,” Maglione said.

We knew the Radian frame was strong, but this is pretty incredible. Miraculously, no one was injured in the collapse. Check out the picture below.



  1. I’m sure it’s a great car seat. However, there’s probably more of a likelihood that one would get struck by lightening than have a parking garage collapse on them. I think some parents can sometimes get carried away with having to spent insane amounts of money on stuff in the event that something like this can happen. There are plenty of great car seats out there w/o having to break the bank.

  2. The main reason I love this car seat is the width. Paying more for a car seat sure beats going out and buying a new car so I can fit all my kiddos in it. If anyone knows of another tall NARROW seat for a cheaper price let me know. I’d be happy to pay less!

  3. Talia, $219 is not an insane amount of money for your child’s safety, and there aren’t plenty of GREAT carseats out there for less Other seats pass the basic safety test, but you get what you pay for in terms of safety and quality.

  4. $219 isn’t bad actually and while no, you don’t expect to have a parking garage fall on your vehicle you should PLAN for the possibility of a car accident. I myself would be much happier knowing my child is in a Radian after seeing that picture.

  5. I think the point isn’t that you will likely get crushed in a parking structure collapse and need the super strong seat then.. Instead, you might appreciate the extra strength of the Radian in a crash.

  6. I’m chuckling a little reading the comment string. Of course you wouldn’t buy the Radian on the off chance a parking garage will collapse on your car. But it’s also true at $219, the Radian 65 is a very good value for the quality and the amount of time you will use the seat. It reminds me of the news story a few years back when the Mountain Buggy stroller saved the life of a baby in a building collapse. The rush of interest in that product after the incident wasn’t for protection against falling buildings, but more an acknowledgment of the strength and quality of the product.

  7. And now that the Radians rear-face to 40lbs, there’s even more reason to have one! Way to go, Sunshine Kids!

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