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Radian gets Superlatch

Sunshine Kids has just shipped the first updated Radian car seat models for 2010. The biggest change is the incorporation of Superlatch, a new, more robust LATCH connector that enables parents to use LATCH even after the child is over 48 pounds (the current weight limit on LATCH for all other car seats). The new models are called the Radian 65SL, the Radian 80SL and the Radian XTSL. The old models have been discontinued.

Superlatch is approved for use in cars manufactured after September of 2005, when a regulatory change increased the requirements for strength in the automobile anchor bars. So, you may ask (as I did), if the anchor bars in the cars are stronger, why isn’t every car seat approved for use with LATCH beyond the 48-pound weight limit? Superlatch works because of a unique convergence of circumstances. The increased strength of the anchor bars is one piece of the puzzle, but the strong, steel frame of the Radian car seats plays a key role, as does the Superlatch connector itself.

Watch the video below to learn all about Superlatch and how it works. I’m a geek, so I think this stuff is pretty cool.

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  1. Sherri, do you know if the Super Latch will be available to purchase after market? We have a Radian 80 in a car that was manufactured after 2006 and would love to increase the lifespan of our carseat. Thanks.

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