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Radian in living color

Radian 80 PrincessWhen the Radian 80 car seat came out, the color selection was almost comical. There was Manhattan, which was mostly gray, and Supercool, which was entirely gray. But there’s good news for Radian fans who also like colors. They’ve just come out with two new fabric options, Princess and Monaco. Princess (pictured) is obviously geared towards little girls. It is certainly eye-catching, and a very different direction for the Radian. I’m very interested to see if it will sell. Monaco is more straightforward – it’s tan. Less exciting, yes, but compatible with so many car interiors.

If you’re a steady reader, you already know that I love the Radian seats. If you’re not familiar with them (or my affinity for them), you can read all about it here (and here).

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  1. I just read all your posts related to the Radian car seat. So glad to know see you stand up to the car rental guy and get that car seat in your car! As for the Radian, we just got introduced to this car seat, this summer. My twin nephews came for a month long visit and it turns out I needed a new seat. Now, I keep the Radian in my home in case unexpected guests arrive or I have to babysit and need something safe and reliable to tote the kids around in. It’s a remarkable seat, isn’t it?

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