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Recaro: In with the new

Como - side profileWhen I was in Cologne in September for the Kind + Jugend show, I was struck by the size of the Recaro booth. It was enormous. In a show filled with big, impressive booths, this one was particularly formidable. They had so many different kinds of seats, it was dizzying. But in the US, their line is a fraction of what it is in Europe. In about two years, they’ve seen a lot of success, but they’ve only had three seat models, all of them for toddlers and preschoolers.

But there was never any doubt that Recaro had more models coming down the pike. Sure enough, at JPMA they introduced four new seats: The Como and the Signo, both convertible seats, and the Vivo and Vivo Lite, both booster seats and replacements for the discontinued Young Style. The catalog they distributed also offers a teaser for two additional seats to be released “soon”: the Picco, an infant car seat, and the Alto, a high-back booster.

Como & Signo

Como SandThe form factor on both seats is similar to the Britax convertible seats – a molded plastic shell that sits on an elevated base. Both of these convertible seats will hold a child rear-facing from 5-35 lbs and forward-facing from 20-70 lbs. Both will come in four microfiber colors, Cobalt (gray/blue) Sand (beige), Midnight Desert (black/tan) and Blush (gray/pink). Both have a Side Impact Protection cushion and both are FAA approved. Here are the main differences:

Signo BlushThe Como is Recaro’s entry level convertible seat. The Signo is a step up. The Como has 5 harness and headrest adjustment positions. The Signo has an infinite knob adjustment system (like the Boulevard) that controls both the harness and headrest positions. Both seats have high-end latch connectors, but the Signo has the latch straps attached to metal bars, so they don’t need to be rethreaded when you turn the seat from rear- to forward-facing. The headrest on the Signo is upgraded, with a double wall head support. The Signo also adjusts slightly higher than the Como, so it can accommodate a child to 60″, versus 59″ for the Como.

Vivo and Vivo Lite

Vivo Midnight DesertI found this to be somewhat confusing, but the only difference between the Vivo and the Vivo Lite is in the fabric. The Vivo has microfiber and the Lite has a breathable fabric with soft mesh inserts. But the Crimson Vivo model has microfiber and mesh, so go figure.

Both seats go from 30-100 lbs and up to 59″. Both have side impact protection and six height positions. The Vivo will cost slightly more than the Vivo Lite.

Pricing for the new seats is not finalized yet, which is the main reason it’s taken me so long to spill this information. As soon as I hear, I’ll post an update. But I understand that the seats will be priced competitively against the Britax seats. Could be trouble for Britax – the seats are great looking and more fully featured. The extra height and weight limit is a really nice plus. They don’t have nearly the breadth of fabric choices that Britax offers, but they seem to be campaigning against that from the outset – the tagline that closes their catalog is “Don’t get cute – get Recaro.”


  1. Thank you for all the info! Do you know how tall the top slots are on the Como & Signo and the width?

  2. Thank you so much!!
    If you do happen to know the height of the top slot, that would be the only other small piece of info I’m looking for.
    We very much appreciate the review and the pics!

  3. Did they mention the price point on these (Signo & Como)? The height and weight limit are awesome. They look great!

  4. thankyouthankyouthankyou!!!!

  5. Recaro has said the top slots of the como and signo will be 19″

    And if the signo is like the boulevard and marathon, the connectors will still need to be switched when turning the seat to ff so the connectors won’t be upside down.

    the techs and geeks at’s car safety tips board have gotten every bit of info Recaro will give on these seats.

  6. When will these be released?

  7. I am dying to know the release date and PRICE on the Como and Signo!

  8. I’ve heard July $219 for the Como and Aug $269 for the Signo. Keeping my fingers crossed! I’m about to come out of my skin with excitement! And those Vivos look great for after the Regent is outgrown 😉 I love their tagline!

  9. OK, I’m working on getting answers to all these questions straight from the horse’s mouth. From what I am hearing, the price point of these seats is in flux, which is why I haven’t posted them. As soon as I hear something definite, I will post.

  10. I just posted an update with retail prices and availability. Also, someone has called to my attention that I was mistaken about the Cobalt color – it is a blue/gray color, not black. I’ll correct the original entry above. Thanks for having my back!

  11. Sheri, I’m new to this site, where did you post the retail prices and availability of the Como and Signo?

  12. Hi Nicole – that’s a good question. You can always click on the blue “spillingthebeans” graphic at the top to go to the blog homepage and see what’s new. In the meantime, here’s a link to the new post:

  13. Thanks!

  14. Does anyone know when the pico infant seat will be available?

  15. Not sure what to do
    Son is big for his age – already 35 pounds and 2.5years old. He’s outgrown the two cars seats he has, but I don’t feel he is ready for a booster. Any suggestions on what to purchase, that will last the longest and safest????? thanks.

  16. When and where can I get the Picco!? Any pictures of it?

    *great Q mommy2bee for I want to know as well.


  17. Looking for the Recaro Picco too? any info, news and pics would be helpful! Thanks!!!!

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