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Recaro update

I just got a call from my representative at Recaro. We have pricing and projected availability information for the new seats, as follows:

Vivo, MSRP $99, avaliable in June

Vivo Lite, MSRP $89, available in June

Como, MSRP $249, available in July

Sigmo, MSRP $289, available in August

As always with a new product, the availability dates are very much subject to change. They are checking on the questions about the maximum height of the harness. Have I missed anything?


  1. Where can we pre-order?

  2. We will have the items up on our website tomorrow, I hope, and then you are welcome to preorder.

  3. The only other thing that’s been questioned that I’ve seen, is the width on these. Especially the como/signo, though I personally am curious about the vivo’s too. the width of the signo will determine whether it’s worth it for me or not – I want 3 across in my 3rd row to be possible! (but don’t want a radian)

  4. Recaro has updated their site and you can now find specs for the new seats. Follow the links below for the appropriate seat. Also, seats are now available on for pre-orders. If you are interested, please follow the appropriate link in the main entry.


    Vivo Lite



  5. Thanks so much for all of the info, the only few questions left unanswered are: 1. How wide is the Como/Signo at it’s widest point & how wide is the base? 2. With the Vivo and Vivo Lite, what is the maximum torso height for a child to use this booster (measurement from seat to belt guide adjusted in it’s highest position) & does it convert to a backless booster?

    Thanks so much!

  6. How do these compare to the Britax seats in your opinion?

  7. Hallie,
    I haven’t had the opportunity to use these seats yet, and ease of use will be a huge factor in comparing the Recaro convertibles to Britax. From strictly a features perspective, the Recaro seats are nearly identical to the Britax counterparts, but the height and weight limits are increased, which is very nice.

  8. Lisa – I haven’t forgotten you. I’m working on getting you some measurements.

  9. I can’t wait for the side by side comparison–the timing should be right as my 7 m/o dd will be ready for the convertable seat sometime in the early fall!

  10. OK, finally – measurements are here, via Recaro directly:
    The Como and Signo are both 19″ wide at their widest part, and the bases are 13″.
    The distance from the highest harness position to the seat is 26″.
    The Vivo and Vivo Lite are both 16″ wide at their widest part, and the base is 12″.
    The Vivo and Vivo Lite models do NOT convert to a backless booster.

  11. I just read the last message on the measurements on the Como it said the base is 13″ which would be great cause I have a seat in my small car that has a 13″ base and its in there rock soild, But I have to use a locking clip because of my selt belts to keep it tight. Does the Como have a locking clip or could I use the one I already have? I read some where that locking clips are interchagable I can use evenflo with a graco seat etc. Also was wondering if this seat Como can be installed tightly in a 2000 TransAm that has leather? I dont have any stores around here to try it and the TransAm is granny’s car a few hours away.

  12. Michelle – I will stop by the Recaro booth at the show today and ask about this. I’ll let you know what I find out.

  13. per Jonathan, president of Recaro North America, you should not need a locking clip to get a good installation in your 2000 Trans Am. Hope that helps.

  14. Hi Sheri,

    Any idea at this point if Signo’s side impact protection is in any way inferior to the Boulevard from Britax? I mean aside from the pillowed wings, is the side protection as paded, less or more? Looking forward!!! I am about to buy one of these and certainly not sure which one (especially given the fact that Britax is on its annual sale for the next few days only…PLEASE HELP!

  15. Irina,
    Part of Recaro’s marketing message is their expertise in side impact protection, from decades of designing seats for race cars. From what we could tell, though, the side impact protection on the Signo is very similar to that of the Boulevard. I’d say you’d be happy with either one. Good luck!

  16. I am wondering what the external width dimensions are. I need to purchase 4 of these for my children & would like to know if I can place them side by side in my car…..

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