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Road Test: Mountain Buggy Swift

Mountain Buggy Swift StrollerI can’t remember the last time Mountain Buggy came out with an entirely new stroller, but at this year’s ABC Show, their new Swift was one of our favorite introductions. For years we’ve been waiting for Mountain Buggy to modify their compact Breeze stroller to offer a swiveling front wheel, and now the wait is over. The Swift is basically a scaled-down version of the Urban Single, but with a narrower frame and smaller wheels, like the Breeze. The end result is a stroller that offers the same phenomenal handling as the Urban but in a much smaller footprint.

Our good friend Alan Jurysta is the owner of Sycamore Kids, the US distributor of Mountain Buggy. He knew that we were going to be coming to Vegas with two babies in tow – Zev and my nephew, Avery. He asked if we would be interested in doing a road test of the Swift during our trip, and we eagerly accepted.

Since Zev is a little young, Avery was the primary passenger, much to my sister’s delight. The Swift was love at first sight, both for her and for Avery. For five days, she and my brother-in-law pushed the Swift all over the Las Vegas Convention Center, on and off the Las Vegas Monorail, and all around the hotel and surrounding areas. Amidst the thick crowds of Vegas, the Swift was a nimble and unobtrusive companion.

Avery, who can be somewhat picky about where he sleeps, adored the Swift and napped comfortably in it. We all took turns marveling at the amazing steering, as we pushed the Swift, loaded with Avery and several bags of catalogs and other convention swag, with a single finger.

Out in the hot sun, we loved the sun cover, which zips onto the canopy and has a center panel that can be left open when the stroller is indoors, and quickly zipped back up when you step outside.

Right now, the Swift does not offer a car seat adaptor or carrycot, but to my eyes, the dimensions of the Swift frame seem awfully similar to the half-seat on the Urban Double. Knowing how smart those New Zealanders are, I wouldn’t be surprised if that’s intentional, which will make it fairly easy to adapt those accessories if and when they decide to do that.

The Swift will be available in December. It will come in black with a choice of three different accent colors – gray, red or green.

[Update] The Mountain Buggy Swift Stroller is now available.


  1. Hi-does the canopy pull down any more than the MBUS? I don’t like my MBUS b/c the canopy stinks & the sun cover is to fiddly to use.

    TIA Trina

  2. Hi, is the stroller much smaller than the Mountain Buggy Single stroller? I am afraid that my son will be to big too soon….


  3. Karolina, the stroller is a lot smaller, but the seat is just about the size of one half of a double stroller, which comfortably holds a large 3 year old, and will accommodate (though somewhat squishily) a child up to about 5 years old.

    Trina, the canopy isn’t very different from the Urban single, but the sun cover is really nice. Again, it is easy to keep it on the stroller during the summer months.

  4. Hi
    I am wondering if you are aware of any Mountain Buggy toddler seats that will be avalible soon, as i feel this is the only thing lacking in their product range.

  5. Vanessa,
    Believe me, we have been asking for this for a long time. I do think they are working hard on it. Mountain Buggy has always had an ironclad reputation for quality – I have seen video of the testing they do on their strollers, and it is downright abusive. So they aren’t going to release a toddler seat attachment unless they can design one that meets their extremely high standards. So the bad news is, it may take a while. But the good news is, if they do it right, when they come out with one, it will be amazing. We’ll keep you posted.

  6. Hi
    Am just wondering if you’re able to run with the Swift? The size is perfect but one of the main reason’s I am interested in the Mountain Buggy range is the ability to run/exercise with them?

  7. Hi, what will the price be? Best regards, Karolina

  8. do you know if there is a double version of the swift on the horizon?

  9. do you know how wide it is? i assume it fits through a standard doorway but how about a narrow one? also how much does it weigh and is it easy to fold up? thanks.

  10. Hi All,

    You can visit the Mountain Buggy website, it has a video demo on it that shows how it folds up.

    Sarah – I hear it’s not good for jogging.

    Karolina – I have seen these for $647.45 on the Minimee website, or in Baby Bunting for $697.

    Dan – I have heard rumours of this (do a google search) but I haven’t seen anything on the Mountain Buggy website so who knows!

    Marion – It’s about 4.5cm narrower than the Urban model (I think the dimensions are on the website) so you should fit it through a narrow doorway.

    Hope this helps!


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