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Rock Star Baby

I want to open with a disclaimer. We do not sell the bugaboo strollers. Many people assume that we choose not to carry them because we don’t like them. This is not true. At this time, there are apparently too many other retailers in our area. We hope to someday offer this line, but in the meantime we remain admirers from afar.

So when I evaluated the Rock Star Baby, I really hoped that it would be a good stroller in its own right. Obviously comparisons will be drawn, since there are aspects to the design that are strikingly similar. But aside from the fact that they are functionally alike, they are really very different strollers.

The Rock Star Baby is a solid mid-to-high end stroller with some nice features. It is nearly identical to the Hauck Infinity stroller, now on sale in select Babies R’ Us stores, but our edition includes a bassinet for newborns. The color palette is extremely neutral, moving away from the popular brights and neons we’ve seen lately. The seat is reversible (though the handlebar is not), and the recline is a clever, easy-to-use mechanism that looks a lot like a bicycle brake. It weighs 24 lbs, which is a bit heavier than the competition. However, the added weight helps the stroller grip the road really nicely, resulting in a very smooth ride. The quality of construction seems fine. It’s sturdy, but not quite at the level of a bugaboo or a Mountain Buggy; I wish the finishes were a bit more slick.

From a value perspective, this is a really nice option for expectant parents. It comes with the bassinet and a Graco car seat adaptor, not to mention a rain cover. It should be a great, all-purpose mode of transportation that will last a solid couple of years. The reversible seat and (relatively) easy fold are both really valuable features. The distributors are bright, ambitious and very responsive, which adds up to very good customer service. Always a plus.

I’m not sure how it will fare in the snow, since you can’t flip the handlebar and lead with the larger wheels. We’re expecting some of the white stuff this week and I’ll make a point to check.


  1. Great website, loads of info. I am still currently on the stroller “due-diligence” in order to purchase the most for my money. I am now leaning towards the Jane Slalom Pro Matrix travel system. 3 wheeled, carry cot, infant car seat (highly rated). The similar look to most all that’s out there. Checked out the Bugaboo Cameleon, initially thought I had to have it, til I tested it out. Nice, but boxy looking to me. Watched mommies in my walking group hit every sidewalk curb with an abrupt stop everytime with anything with 4 wheels while chatting away. So I like the 3 wheeled versions better. Does anyone have any comments, ideas on this make of stroller/jogger?

    These guys will ship to the USA for about $100 .

  2. Is there a place where the RSB can be seen. I am in California and would like to see it before I buy.

  3. I have the same question, I am in Texas and wanted to see this stroller in person is there any retail stores that carry the RSB?

  4. There is a store locator on the Grand Touring Baby Website. They are the distributor of the Rock Star Baby.

  5. I am not sure where in TX you are, but there is a store called Ritzy Kids Furniture in Dallas at Park and the Tollway that carries the RSB stroller. They had it in several of the color choices available for viewing.

  6. We live in Canada and have the RSB stroller – we chose it because based on cost it gave us so many options. Our baby is due in the winter so we wanted something that would handle well in the winter and with the locking wheels it handles well in the snow. The turning radius is amazing and so diverse. We researched and researched strollers and found that this was hands down the best options for our active lifestyle that would last us for years.

  7. We love the Rockstar and have used it since the birth of our son, who is now 15 months old. We’ve used it in all its configurations: backwards, forwards, car seat, regular seat, bassinet, etcetera, and it has worked well. I drive a VW Rabbit and it folds up and fits in the backseat, so small car lovers, you will do just fine. It is rugged, handles extremely well, comes with nice extras. We live in an area that the roads are somewhat rough so having a sturdy stroller was an essential – but we also live near a city, so having it be adaptable to city-living was an essential as well. The only cons are that it is a bit heavy, but still manageable. The other con is that it doesn’t have a large storage area.

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