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Ready, Set, Safeguard

Safeguard Child SeatSafeguard is a relatively new name in the car seat industry, as far as the public is concerned. But in reality, IMMI, Safeguard’s parent company, has been manufacturing components for several major car seat brands for two decades. A couple of years ago, IMMI developed some new technology — a ratcheting LATCH mechanism that made installation a breeze. As the story goes, they brought the technology to Britax, certain they would jump at the opportunity, and Britax balked at the price point. They didn’t think parents would be willing to pay a premium for the added ease of use.

Unwilling to abandon their invention, IMMI decided to manufacture their own forward-facing seat. The Safeguard Child Seat is billed as the most advanced child seat in the world. Certainly it is remarkably easy to install. Basically, you release each retracting strap enough to click in the LATCH connectors on each side and then you just push down hard on the seat once or twice. That’s it, you’re done. They’ve also applied the retracting technology to the five-point harness, to ensure a perfect fit each and every time.

It would take me many words to detail all of the Safeguard Child Seat’s unique features, so if you’re curious, your best bet is to visit their website. It’s sufficient to say that it is a very impressive seat. The seat is designed for children between 22-65 lbs, and under 57″. For complete specs, click here. The suggested retail price is $450. It’s definitely more expensive than other comparable seats, but you’re not paying extra for a luxury brand name or some other intangible. The added value is clear as soon as you try to use the seat.


  1. It looks and sounds awesome and I know that you can’t/shouldn’t put a price on your child’s safety but there is no way that I can afford to pay $450 for a car seat. What percentage of parents do you expect can afford this car seat?

  2. divrchk,
    I completely agree with you. Many parents can not afford to pay for this seat. As far as safety goes, a properly installed car seat that has passed all safety testing is going to protect its occupant if there’s a crash. Just like every stroller will perform the same basic function – transport a child. Parents pay a premium for products like the bugaboo or the Stokke because these strollers make it easier, more pleasurable, and more fashionable to transport a child.

    Along the same lines, this car seat offers outstanding ease-of-use and comfort features. So I think the Safeguard will appeal to the same parent who can rationalize spending extra for enhancing certain aspects of a stroller.

    In any case, I am glad that Safeguard went the extra mile to ensure that this technology would be available, at least. They believed so strongly in the quality of their concept that they were willing to risk their relationships with their component customers in order to enter the market and become the competition. That took a lot of guts, and I’d rather the seat be expensive and available than for the idea to languish on the drawing board. Hopefully as Safeguard builds momentum and sells a larger volume of seats, the costs will start to come down to a point where they are more accessible to everyone.

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