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Skip Hop Props

Skip HopOK, yes, several weeks have passed since the ABC show, and I’m still playing catch up. I’m carrying around a Stokke tote bag filled with press kits and catalogs and notes on a bunch of vendors and items I still haven’t gotten to. It’s frustrating, but I’m chipping away. Today, I’m tackling Skip Hop.

Famous now for their simple yet brilliant idea to make a diaper bag that also could attach to a stroller, the Skip Hop team is continuing to demonstrate that their problem-solving approach to design does not begin and end with a diaper bag. At the ABC show, they showed a range of new items, from feeding plates to bedding. But they also continue to develop and improve their diaper bags.

Via Backpack LimeFor me, the most exciting introduction is the Via Backpack, a sleek, boxy bag that’s packed with pockets and can be worn on the back or strapped to a stroller. People have been begging for a Skip Hop backpack, and the Via does not disappoint. There is also a Messenger version of the Via, which will replace the Expo. Both bags will stand upright on the floor, and they have contrast interiors to make it easier to find your car keys among the clutter.

The Duo and Dash are both getting some upgrades, significant enough to earn them both the subtitle “Deluxe Edition.” Magnetic closures and PVC-free changing pads are two of the major developments, but the new Shuttle Clips are the crown jewel. These ingenious little connectors make it totally effortless to go back and forth between the stroller clips and the shoulder strap. I can’t begin to describe them, but they are, as we say in this neck of the woods, wicked cool.

Skip Hop City ChicThe new City Chic bag is the first bag design from Skip Hop that isn’t really unisex. It’s a tote-style diaper bag that includes a take-away clutch for mom. The bag is constructed from matte-laminated cotton canvas and trimmed with leather. The four fabric patterns are contemporary and feminine, and like all Skip Hop bags, you’d probably keep using it long after your baby is out of diapers.

Palette PlateIn the feeding department, I loved the Palette Plate. Shaped like an artist’s palette, this plate comes with three colorful drop-in bowls that are microwave safe AND they come with covers. The base is non-skid with a built-in bowl and a spot for a sippy cup, plus matching utensils are included. It’s perfect for the early days of feeding, as you’re trying several different types of food at each meal, and then as kids get older, it’s great for finicky eaters who don’t like to have their peas encroaching on their mashed potatoes. They’ve also introduced Table Fun, a 5-piece melamine feeding set that comes in three different designs by illustrator Eleanor Grosch.

Lastly, they were showing two bedding sets in a partnership with Bananafish. The designs were exactly what you’d expect from Skip Hop – modern and tasteful, but the 400-thread count sheets were really nice – crisp and cool to the touch, and soft as baby skin. It’s well-priced, too. According to my notes, the set will retail for around $220.

As for availability, all of these items are expected to arrive in October and November.


  1. I just found your blog, though I think I may have seen it before – great information and I agree with one of your posts – blogging is addicting! I just wrote about what other ‘exhibitors’ thought of the ABC Show, I am curious if you had other thoughts about the show. The exhibitors I polled did not think it was worth the money spent.

    Great blog, look forward to reading more posts!

  2. Hi Jamie,

    I checked out your blog – it’s great. Keep up the good work. I read some of your posts in the wake of the ABC Show, and while I can see your point about the cost-value proposition the show offers to vendors, I’m not sure you can really quantify the benefits to the buyers or the industry on similar terms.

    As a store owner, the four days I spend walking those aisles will be invaluable for months to come. The knowledge, first-hand product interactions, meetings and discoveries will all help to shape our merchandise selection. And even if we don’t place an order right at the show (it can be hard to slow down and write an order when there’s so much to see), we will often follow up after the show.

    For the industry, it’s so important to have a really big, vibrant show at least once a year. It attracts great media attention, motivates entrepreneurs and drives innovation, plus it helps to set a consistent schedule for new product releases. I do agree that the show has gotten enormous, and they absolutely need to group like vendors together. But I love the show, and I hope it continues to thrive. And not just because I like to play Blackjack. ; )

  3. Thanks for the reply to my post, and I appreciate your honest oppinion of the ABC Kids Expo. As a small business owner, who manufactuers products – spending over $8,000.00 every year and sustain that each year and only pick up a few accounts I just can not do it. In my heart I LOVE doing the shows, I loved meeting other vendors and picking up new stores but I can’t do it each year, but believe me I do want to. I have been around 5 years, and I am considered one of the old gals in the industry – but even I can not afford it. I wish I agreed with you, but many people like me won’t be able (so I say now, and so says my accountant) to afford to go year after year. I have gotten more exposure from press and cold calls then any show I ever did – and searches on the internet. Not sure if I am the norm, or if I am just a fluke – but I have to do what works for me. Wish I was going next year – have a blast and hope you win a hand!

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