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Starck meets Maclaren

Starck MaclarenPhilippe Stark is one of the most notable designers of our time, known for reinterpreting mundane objects and transforming them into striking forms that offer aesthetics without compromising (and, in fact, often enhancing) utility. Now he has taken the umbrella stroller back to the drawing board, offering a fresh take on the popular Maclaren Volo. His swooping frame is all curves and no angles. The seats are simple, and maybe slightly more reclined than a Volo.

I’ve seen and tried this stroller, and I think it is more remarkable for its design than for its function. Practically, it is not very different than a Volo, but if you love that modern look, this is easily the most unique lightweight stroller you’ll find. If you can find it. We’ve received a few of them, but I’m not seeing them online anywhere. If you’ve simply got to have one, I suggest you call the store.

In addition to the stroller, Stark has also designed a travel high chair, a travel cot and a diaper bag. My favorite is the travel high chair, which folds up to practically nothing. No word yet on when that will be available. I’ll keep you posted.


  1. Hi do you know where I could buy the Philippe Stark high chair in the UK?

  2. I saw it in a store and it is a great looking stroller. I just ordered one from in the US. The 2007 model is on sale there.

  3. where can i purchase the travel cot in the USA? i already found the high chair but those stores are not carrying the travel cot. pls suggest??

  4. Hmmm… that’s a good question. I’ve seen it at the trade shows and I’m pretty sure it is available in the US. Maybe try calling Maclaren directly at 877 442 4622.

  5. where can i buy the StarK pushchair in Spain?

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