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Bugaboo Lynx vs UPPAbaby Vista | Stroller Comparison

We’re seeing double! Bugaboo’s brand new Lynx stroller and UPPAbaby’s tried-and-true Vista stroller have a lot in common, including their shared price point of $899. It’s the subtle differences between these two fantastic strollers, though, that really make them shine individually. Want to know if the Bugaboo Lynx or the UPPAbaby Vista will fit your family’s lifestyle? Read on to find out!


The Bugaboo Lynx

The biggest difference between the Bugaboo Lynx and the UPPAbaby Vista is each stroller’s kid capacity, a.k.a the number of tots the stroller can hold. The Lynx is a full-sized single-seater stroller, meaning it has a seat for just one child. The Vista, by contrast, is a single-to-double stroller that can accommodate either one or two children, depending on the set-up of the stroller’s seats. Though technically the Lynx can convert into a stroller built for two with the addition of a Bugaboo Comfort Board, kids who are close in age and both need a comfy place to sit n’ stroll will be better taken care of in the Vista rather than the Lynx.


The UPPAbaby Vista

Related to the issue of double seating is the question of the bassinet. The Vista comes with a sleep-safe bassinet that can attach to the stroller’s frame, while the Lynx does not come with a bassinet at all (instead, parents who want to stroll in the Lynx with their newborn should look into purchasing the compatible Bugaboo Turtle or a Bassinet Fabric Set). Additionally, the Bassinet Fabric Set that you can buy to go with the Lynx is not approved for overnight sleeping. This lack of an overnight sleep solution may tip tired parents towards choosing the Vista over the Lynx.


When it comes to the product features on the Lynx and the Vista, though, the Lynx outperforms the Vista. While design elements such as a large underseat basket and peekaboo windows in the canopy are pretty much identical between the two strollers, and while both strollers feature reversible seating and can stand alone when folded down, only the Lynx weighs in at a microscopic twenty-four pounds (the Vista, by contrast, weighs twenty-six pounds). Plus, the Lynx has eight possible handlebar adjustment positions, while the Vista only has two.


magic beans boston front view

Overall, the Lynx and the Vista are both wonderful strollers. They’re both made out of high-quality materials, and are both good options for your family. If you’re still wondering which of these two strollers is best for your family, though we recommend considering the needs of both you and your children! How many kids do you have, or plan on having? Do you use all of your stroller’s features, or are you pretty reserved when it comes to adjusting the stroller’s handlebars?

If you need help answering these questions, be sure to drop us a line! We’re always happy to talk shop. You can contact our Baby Gear Gurus via phone (866-600-BEAN) during business hours (M-F, 9 am-5 pm EST) or by utilizing the Product Expert Chat on our website. You can also get all the advice you need by visiting our blog and YouTube channel! If you need more inspiration on which stroller to buy, feel free to check out our Single and Double Stroller buying guides.

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