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Coming soon: the Bugaboo Buffalo Classic+ Stroller!

bugaboo buffalo classic plus long

Get more info about the Bugaboo Buffalo Classic+ Stroller here!

The words “elegant” and “rugged” don’t usually go together: tough products that are built to last tend to emphasize function over form, practicality over style. However, Bugaboo does nothing by half-measures, so when they built the Bugaboo Buffalo, the stroller best suited to absolutely all terrains (including snowy Boston sidewalks), they gave it the same clean and lovely look as the rest of their collection. A Bugaboo always looks like a Bugaboo.

The Bugaboo Classic Collection is a throwback to the stroller that started it all, the Bugaboo Frog. As Sheri wrote back in 2009, when the Frog was still one of the best of its time

“The Bugaboo Frog is the model that started the hybrid stroller revolution and broke the ice on the luxury baby gear market. It holds an important place in the history of baby gear, from both a design and cultural standpoint, and it also happens to be a very good stroller.”

The Frog has since been replaced in the Bugaboo stable by the Cameleon 3,  which features the same reversible seat, reversible handlebar, and seat frame that doubles as a bassinet. Accordingly, the first Classic edition stroller was a Cameleon, but if you want that same look with even more all-terrain oomph (and the ability to haul a ton of luggage, with a huge basket and a handlebar safety-rated to hold up to 13 pounds), now is your chance!

The Bugaboo Buffalo Classic+ Stroller  is available in Navy or Grey Melange outer fabrics, with cozy quilted off-white interiors. The luxe look is finished off with vegan leather accents on the handlebar and carry handle – a style statement that says that this stroller means business! And because if you’re going to invest in something that looks this good, it ought to look perfectly pulled together, the Buffalo Classic+ comes with a matching tote made to ride on the aforementioned handlebar.

Pre-sales on the Bugaboo Buffalo Classic+ Stroller will be starting in June, but if you’re as excited as we are about this stroller, you can sign up today for updates, and we’ll let you know as soon as yours comes stampeding through our warehouse.

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