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Introducing the Baby Jogger Vue Lite Umbrella Stroller: a lightweight with a reversible seat!

baby-jogger-vue-lite-side-by-sideFor some parents on the go, a reversible seat is the one stroller feature they just cannot and will not dispense with: as Alia on Simple Savvy put it, “That was the most important criteria. I wanted to be able to make smiley faces at my baby while we were strolling around.” You want to see your baby; your baby wants to see you. It’s important.

However, extra features add extra weight, so a reversible seat can limit your choices to bigger, bulkier strollers. When Elaine at Babycenter asked community members to recommend a lightweight with a rear-facing option, suggestions included the 20-pound Mamas & Papas Urbo, the 22-pound UPPAbaby Cruz, the 26-pound Baby Jogger City Versa, and the 28-pound Baby Jogger City Select. They’re all great strollers, but “light” is clearly a relative term.

When you really want a LIGHT lightweight, only umbrella strollers will do, and that’s where the new Baby Jogger Vue Lite comes in. The Vue debuted last year at the ABC Kids Expo, but the updated Vue Lite trims off three whole pounds, weighing only 14 pounds total. To put that in perspective: babies have been born weighing that much! (Hope those folks got a really good stroller!)

And yes, the Vue has a reversible seat! The Vue Lite skips the removing-the-seat stage that comes with most reversible strollers by simply placing a harness and seat on either side, so you just adjust the recline of the seat forward or backwards to determine which way your child will face. The spacious canopy adjusts along with it, and they’ve tweaked the design to make it simpler to adjust – I was a bit befuddled by how the canopy on the previous version worked, but this is easy-peasy.

Finally, as with the typical umbrella stroller, the Vue Lite folds up into a skinny column that’s easy to tuck into your trunk or your hallway closet.

Want to learn more? Check out the Baby Jogger Vue Lite here – it should be arriving in our stores in spring 2015. If you’re ok with a little more weight with your reversible seat (but not a LOT) more weight, you might also want to check out our Middleweight Stroller Faceoff, featuring Bugaboo’s lightest stroller, the Bee3, and the UPPAbaby Cruz.

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