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Jogging strollers give you a run for your money: the BOB Revolution FLEX vs. the Baby Jogger Summit X3


Update 4/25/2017: The Best Jogging Strollers of 2016

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For athletic parents, a jogging stroller is a must, and not all jogging strollers are created alike. As The Running Mom points out, it’s best to invest up front in a really high-quality model, because “You might be less-inclined to want to go out for a run with your kid(s) if the stroller is too much of a pain to push!

Don’t take that chance – jogging with your kids can be lots of fun with the right stroller, and it’s the number one way to get back into shape after baby! The BOB Revolution FLEX and the Baby Jogger Summit X3 are both terrific joggers, and we recommend them both constantly. But which one is right for you? As with all stroller-shopping questions, this is going to depend on your lifestyle.

Before we start, let’s go through The Running Mom’s list of most-haves in a jogging stroller:

  • A fixed or lockable front wheel: this will keep you gliding straight forward, saving strain on your arms.
  • Pneumatic tires: Air-filled tires provide the smoothest roll.
  • Suspension: Also necessary for a smooth ride for your child.
  • A wrist strap: Keep this attached to your wrist so the stroller can’t get away from you on downhill slopes. Safety first!
  • Also helpful: A cup-holder so you can stay hydrated, a snack tray for your passenger, a spacious storage basket for items you’ll both need on the go, an easy fold, and a reclining seat.

With that said: let’s see how the BOB and the Summit measure up.

revolution-flex-1220Advantages of the BOB Revolution FLEX Jogging Stroller:

  • The feature that makes the BOB “FLEX” (as opposed to the earlier BOB Revolution SE, which is still a superb jogging stroller) is the adjustable handlebar, which offers nine positions from 33.5” to 45.8”, so athletic parents of all sizes can enjoy!
  • The footprint of these two strollers is identical (I measured!), and each holds 75 pounds, but the BOB seat is bigger, so you may be able to fit your child comfortably for longer.
  • The BOB’s harness is easier to adjust; you won’t have to rethread it, since it just moves on a track.
  • The under-seat basket on the BOB is a bit bigger.
  • The BOB frame is a bit sturdier; it uses an aluminum alloy all over, not just in the bottom wheel suspension.
  • The BOB suspension is amazing and adjustable – switch it up to provide more or less give on different surfaces.
  • The BOB is also lighter, weighing in at 25.45 pounds versus the Summit’s 28.10 pounds.
  • I like the color choices on the BOB Flex better: that Lagoon Blue is gorgeous! The Bob also has reflective strips sewn on the canopy to increase visibility during the evening hours.

summit-x3_02Advantages of the Baby Jogger Summit X3 Jogging Stroller:

  • Despite the heavier weight, the Summit has a smaller fold, and will take up less space in your car trunk!
  • The Summit has the BOB Flex beat in their brake system: they have a handbrake for slowing down AND a footbrake to park your stroller.
  • Want to lock your front wheel? There’s no need to get down in front of the stroller; there’s a wheel-locking lever right on the side of the stroller, similar to the City Mini GT’s brake. Locking the front wheel of the BOB requires physically going to the wheel itself, which isn’t dreadful but is just a teeny bit more effort.
  • The Summit canopy is really amazing: it has peekaboo flaps on the top and side, with mesh netting to ensure that your kid is getting a nice breezy ride. The Bob has a peekaboo window too, but it’s more to let you check on your child than ventilation.
  • The Summit’s jogging strap is longer, and is attached to the bottom of the stroller instead of the handlebar, providing more stability. No tipping with this strap! The BOB’s jogging strap is also their clip to lock the stroller – it’s not my favorite.
  • The Summit has the classic Baby Jogger one-step fold, easy and quick. The BOB fold is nice though too, because the seat folds inward, not outward, so it won’t get dirty as easily.
  • The Summit’s seat is easier to recline then the BOB, and it almost folds flat!
  • The Summit has all-wheel suspension, making it extremely stable.
  • The Summit gives you more options for car seat adapters, using the same adapters as the City Mini and the City Mini GT. So while your baby is small, you can use your jogger to ferry her around before she’s ready for runs. (Don’t run with a car seat on your jogging stroller! And, ask your pediatrician if your child is ready before you take her on your first runs.) The BOB Flex has a few adapter options, but only for Chicco, Graco, and Peg Perego, so far.

As you can see from all of these cool features, these strollers are running neck and neck for the “best jogging stroller” win… and it’s kind of a tie. The jogging stroller that you choose is going to be dependent on what features you prioritize. Not sure which features those are? That’s where we come in: if you’re in New England, we suggest you stroll into one of our stores, test-drive some strollers, see how they fit into your car trunk, and get some expert advice from our friendly store associates. Not in our area? You can get the same advice by phone, email, or live chat.


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