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Nuna vs. Nuna: the Tavo Stroller vs. the Mixx Stroller

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If you follow the world of baby gear, by now you’ve probably heard of Nuna, the Dutch brand who first made waves in the US with their Leaf Floating Baby Lounger and subsequently followed up with one of the lightest, safest infant car seats on the market, the Nuna Pipa. Their initial strollers were great in their own right but didn’t quite hit the mark; however, in the past year, they’ve introduced two truly great strollers, and at great price points too!

nuna mixx strollerAfter working with the strollers Magic Beans has carried for the last two years, I think Bugaboo and Nuna are absolutely the most city-friendly of the brands we carry. That isn’t to say that other brands aren’t, but people underestimate how badly a city family requires strollers built to handle the rough treatment we put them through. The streets of Boston are particularly cobblestone-filled and rife with uprooted trees, so it’s important to check for “bounce” (the feel of good suspension) when choosing a stroller for city living. And Nuna’s strollers have it in spades! That’s one of the things that I love about both the Nuna Tavo and the Nuna Mixx.

The Mixx was introduced first, at the 2014 ABC Expo, and I consider it to be direct competition (in both features and price point) with the UPPAbaby Cruz. This stroller included so many new ideas at the time, in sleek, slim profiled way. The newborn-ready seat meant you didn’t have to spring for a bassinet in order to take your new arrival along safely and comfortably, and the large back wheels can handle more than a couple trips to the park without any complaint.

nuna tavo strollerThat being said, we were super excited when we heard that Nuna was going to release the Tavo at an even lower price point! You basically get the same frame with a few improvements and a few drawbacks. First, they fixed the occasionally-annoying front wheels by adding significantly more suspension to them. It may help reduce the need to grease your wheels in the short term (which you’ll eventually have to do for all strollers anyway). Secondly, they took what was a two-handed fold and made it one-handed! This is where the Tavo comes to compete against the Baby Jogger City Mini/GT.

The Tavo can also accommodate the Nuna Pipa without an additional car seat adapter, making it a true travel system, and it’s newborn-ready, since it reclines flat and the high walls really mimic the feel of a bassinet. And, like the Mixx, when you fold the Tavo, you can drag it behind you like a suitcase! However, the under-seat storage is more difficult to access than the basket on the Mixx, and you can’t reverse the toddler seat to face you.

Obviously these are both great strollers, with a lot of good points in common. It may be a tough choice, but hopefully these lists of pros and cons will help! Ultimately, the best way to determine which stroller is right for you is a stroller test drive at one of our stores, so if you’re stumped, book a FREE consultation with us or just drop in and ask!



  • Newborn-ready seats
  • Free car seat adapters (the Mixx comes with adapters, and the Tavo can fit the Pipa onto the belly bar)
  • Rolling suitcase fold (back wheel suspension seems built specifically for this)



  • Fabrics: easier to clean, cushier
  • Open basket, easier to access due to raised seat
  • Reversible seat
  • 10” rear wheels, rubberized for traction and durability
  • Compatibility with Maxi Cosi and Cybex (as well as the Pipa)
  • Storage pocket behind seat
  • Includes rain cover



  • Front wheels weak, no front suspension (treat like a bike with occasional greasing)
  • Heavier (better for walking, a little less suited to frequent car trips)
  • Canopy shorter
  • Car seat adapters: comes with a free one for the Pipa, but there is a separate adapter that may be easier to use



  • Lighter weight
  • Better suspension on front wheels
  • Built in Pipa-specific (ring) adapter
  • One-handed fold
  • Great canopy
  • Taller, wider seat is roomier for both baby and older kids (high walls mimic bassinet better than Mixx seat)



  • Rain cover sold separately
  • Harder-to-reach basket
  • Foam wheels (not as city-friendly)
  • Harder to remove and clean fabrics
  • Rougher fabric

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