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Orbit Baby Exclusive News! The Orbit Baby O2 Stroller will be Orbit’s first jogging stroller!  


Update 4/26/2017: Eli Reviews the New Orbit O2 Jogging Stroller!

A few months ago, a mysterious meeting was called at our office, in which the Magic Beans staff members were introduced to Orbit’s next stroller. Of course, we weren’t allowed to talk about it, because it was just a prototype with release anticipated far in the future… but now that that release is getting closer to a reality, I’m proud to introduce you to the Orbit Baby O2 Stroller, their first jogger!

Yes, that’s right, a jogger from Orbit Baby, but that’s not all that it is, either. The Orbit team decided to create a jogger that was just as good as an everyday city stroller, maximizing the utility of the O2 in all of the environments where you take your baby. The Orbit Baby O2 will be just as convenient on sidewalks and in cafes as it will be on the trail.

The Orbit Baby O2 Stroller works in two modes:

  • City mode: With the familiar high seat position of previous Orbit strollers, this everyday-strolling mode keeps your baby close to you, easy to reach, easy to see, and easy to chat and bond with.
  • Performance mode: With the twist of a lever, you can lower the SmartHub dock on the Orbit Baby O2 Stroller and push it a bit farther back, creating a totally different profile that’s much better for jogging, with a great steering feel and an excellent feeling of stability. (You’ll also want to lock the front wheel for jogging, of course.)

Thanks to the patented Orbit Baby SmartHub (which lets you dock and rotate all Orbit stroller seats and car seats), you can do one thing with the Orbit Baby O2 that you’ll very rarely see in a jogger: you can jog with your baby rear-facing! So kids who don’t like wind in their face won’t have to deal with it, and you can keep a close eye on your child as you run.

The Orbit Baby O2 Stroller still has a way to go before release (we’re looking at summer of 2015), but we can’t wait to get these amazing jogging strollers into your hands, and we’ll have a page to sign up for information ready as soon as we can. A video should also go up soon, so keep checking back here on Spilling the Beans for more updates!

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  1. just in time for my little one who will be coming in spring 2015. Hurry and release it 😀

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