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Single strollers: the best of 2016 at Magic Beans

consultation small squareThis year’s top recommendations start with the obvious: we’re still huge fans of the UPPAbaby Vista Stroller, which has the same wonderful intuitive design and terrific features as last year. I’ll also always recommend that Bugaboo Cameleon 3 Stroller, which is still the most durable, multi-faceted baby stroller out there. We’ve done tons of reviews of both on Spilling the Beans, and you can see these two classics going head-to-head in this review.

With that said, here are a few newer strollers you’ll definitely want to try out when you visit our stores! And don’t forget: for a thorough stroller test-drive with one of our experts, you can sign up for a FREE consultation. We’ll ask you all the right questions to determine your needs, and help you find a stroller you truly love.


Nuna Tavo Stroller

nuna-tavo-stroller-mykonos-ST-31-023-aI like to think of the Tavo Stroller as an even-more-versatile version of the well-loved Baby Jogger City Mini. The City Mini is a stroller that has many iterations but the same basic frame. The stroller itself is super durable and so easy to fold, but city dwellers may find that it doesn’t have all of the storage that they need on the go, and I don’t love the ring adapter that it uses for some infant car seats.

On the other hand, the Tavo took the idea of a one-handed fold and really ran with it. The stroller itself has a gorgeous one-handed fold that allows you to drag the folded stroller behind you rather than immediately lift it (think of how a rolling suitcase works). The wheels are like a fusion of the City Mini 4 wheel (foam) and the GT due to their heavy-duty suspension. The suspension makes the stroller stronger, but the non-rubberized wheels make it lighter.

And, the seat itself on the Tavo is newborn capable! Which means you can leave the house without being forced to use the car seat for the first 6 months. With a flat recline and footrest that snaps up to create an enclosed, flat bed for baby, it’s a great option for city folk who live within walking distance of the grocery store or any other attractions. Granted, the seat only faces forward, so if you want your newborn baby facing you, popping on your infant car seat might still be your best best – and if you use the top-rated Nuna Pipa Infant Car Seat, you won’t even need to buy a separate adapter, because the Pipa clicks right into the stroller’s belly bar!

The Tavo’s basket is also impressive – it’s not only large, but is also built with heavy-duty canvas-like material that can handle a heavier grocery shopping trip or whatever else you may be hauling on a given day. And the sunshade is phenomenally long, with so many wonderful options for ventilation and extra coverage throughout.

With all of these features, it’s amazing that this stroller only costs $350!

BOB Revolution FLEX 2016 Stroller 

bob-revolution-flex-2016-aBob has been so reliable in its construction that every complaint always felt like a quibble. Now that Britax owns BOB, they took this stroller to another level, upping the ante in every basic feature to make this more feasible as your ONLY stroller and not just your jogging/all-terrain stroller. I think they took some inspiration from Thule’s Urban Glide Stroller, which is a more user-friendly, all-in-one jogging stroller – you’ll definitely want to try these two strollers head-to-head, but you might find it hard to decide which one to buy!

You’re going to love being able to fill up the bigger basket with groceries (food for a week!), and still push on that glorious suspension, which feels like gliding on air. The new brake is kinder to flip flops and pedicures, and the new super-long canopy won’t scrunch up around your taller child’s head. The seat sits farther up to allow kids to see better, and the two-handed recline is now one-handed. We already loved this stroller, and impossibly, we now love it even more!

Cybex Priam Stroller

cybex-priam-trekking-light-autumn-goldThe Priam is technically a 2015 stroller, but it dropped so quietly on the market that it hasn’t made much of a splash yet. Built with all of the thoughtfulness and engineering quality of a Bugaboo and the style of a runway fashion show, it looks to conquer the city streets this winter. With three choices of wheels, you can choose to lighten your load for mall walking by choosing the city-light wheels, or give yourself powerfully treaded winter-ready wheels with the all-terrain option. Or you can just go middle ground and get the trekking wheels, which keep the weight relatively low and offer the size and rubberization you’d need to conquer most surfaces.

The stroller also offers two seats. The Lux Seat reclines flat for newborns and has a super tall back for kids to grow older in, and never feel too scrunched. Or, you can go with the 2-in-1 Light Seat, which starts as a pure bassinet that converts to a seat later on.

The options this stroller offers let you tailor it to your lifestyle and not the other way around, and the style is purely unmatched. With an intuitive one-piece fold and a closed basket (meaning no one can mess with/look at your stuff), it should be leaving the competition in the dust. And we’re excited to see the new color lineup too!


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