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Strollers off the beaten path: the Bumbleride Indie 4 and Peg Perego Book

Bugaboo, BOB, Baby Jogger, UPPAbaby: these are names that make our hearts sing, and are constantly passed from mom to mom. They love those strollers, we love those strollers, and you might love those strollers, but every family needs something a little different, and that’s why we carry as broad a range of baby strollers as we do – so that every customer can find the stroller that’s their true love.

So today’s review addresses two of my favorites that you might not have heard of yet: the new Bumbleride Indie 4 and the Peg Perego Book Pop-Up.


Bumbleride Indie 4 Stroller

indie4The zippiest all-terrain stroller has so many great features that it’s hard to see why everyone wouldn’t love it! Bumbleride strollers are easy to love, with their eco-friendly materials, thoughtful engineering, and beautiful design.

Let’s start with the frame: most strollers use aluminum frames to cut down on weight, but Bumbleride takes this a step farther by tapering their tubes of aluminum, making them that much stronger without adding any weight. Even though it says that the weight limit is 55 lbs, I have put my 170 lbs self into the Indie4 and been pushed around quite comfortably without breaking anything! (We here at Magic Beans take a scientific approach and stress test our strollers with our own bodies!)

Combine that super-tough super-light frame with tough pneumatic tires (8.5″ in the front, 12″ in the back), and the Indie4 can take whatever terrain you can dish out. That means you can go to the beach, hike a trail, and go to the mall with just the Indie4 in your stroller arsenal. It also has an incredibly easy-to-access basket (unusual for an all-terrain stroller), meaning you can take your packed diaper bag in and out with ease.

All this utility has to mean that your stroller is going to look like a pick-up truck, right? Wrong! Bumbleride offers a variety of beautiful, vibrant, and unusual colors, and if you were hoping for that cute pram look with your newborn baby, you’ll love the included bassinet that pops right onto the frame.

Finally, the fabrics on the Indie4 are made of 55% recycled plastic bottles plus renewable, wholesome eucalyptus fibers making this one heck of a healthy stroller.

All in all, the Bumbleride Indie 4 Stroller is for a mom who does a lot of walking and doesn’t just stick to the suburban sidewalks, either: if you want to show your baby the natural world, this well-made stroller’s air tires and strong construction ensure that it will offer a smooth, comfortable ride and can handle all the exercise you can give it.


Peg Perego Book Pop-Up 

Peg-PeregobookpopPeg Perego has been around a long, long time – you might have been riding in a Peg stroller yourself as a baby! They’ve been a great luxury brand for a long time, but they didn’t truly impress us with their strollers until just now. The Book Pop-Up is loaded with features that look awesome and make life easier. (The name, by the way, refers to the fold and to the bassinet: the stroller folds like a book, and the bassinet has a cool pop-up feature.)

When you come into the store to try out this stroller, you’ll start to push it and be wowed by just how great it feels. Could it be the leather handlebar making it super comfortable to hold, the ergonomic handlebar that gives a good grip no matter how you hold it, or the all-terrain foam-filled rubber wheels? Probably all of the above.

Those wonderful wheels can handle cobblestone sidewalks, dirt paths, playground excursions, and snow. Not only is the ride smooth, but the seat itself is super cushy, with a recline that allows for a lie-flat position that no other reversible seat has. And this seat folds nice and flat whether it’s facing forward or backwards (another rare feature in the world of reversible stroller seats).

Speaking of the fold, you can do it with one hand, making it among the easiest strollers to get into your car (with a baby on your hip). It even stands on its own while folded up!

The bassinet is also one of my favorite parts of this stroller, because it does a lot of things that normal bassinets just don’t: for instance, it has a multi-position recline that’s super-useful for babies who prefer to be sitting up a little more. Another super unique feature is that this bassinet actually collapses flat so that it can be folded with the stroller and not be so unwieldy while taking it in and out of the car.

With the supercharged bassinet, comfortable ride, and ultra comfortable seat, the Book Pop-Up is well worth the money, with a plethora of unique features! We’re seeing this stroller popping out of the trunk of a suburban mama who drives a lot – but when she gets somewhere that strolling will be happening, she wants all of the comfort and convenience features on board.



Are either of these fabulous strollers the right ride for you? If you can, the best way to choose your stroller is to come into our store, push ‘em around, fold and unfold them, and even try putting each stroller in your car trunk. We want to make absolutely sure that you leave our stores in love with your new stroller!

But if you can’t make it into one of our six store locations, you can still access all the collective knowledge of our staff of stroller experts: just give us a call at 866-600-BEAN, or talk to us by email or on live chat!

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