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UPPAbaby Vista vs Silver Cross Wave Stroller 2017 (comparison | reviews | ratings | prices)

The UPPAbaby Vista is a tried and true single-to-double stroller in our stores, and we rarely have a model it can really go head-to-head with. Until now! We recently got our hands on the Silver Cross Wave and we’re thrilled to offer another luxurious single-to-double stroller.

For starters, they’re both inline single-to-double strollers as opposed to side-by-side. They’re short enough to have a fairly easy push and better maneuverability than some longer inline strollers. They both come with a bassinet, but you’ll have to buy a second seat when your youngest is big enough for a toddler seat. That’s pretty standard for this type of stroller.

The way the Silver Cross Wave converts to a double stroller is quite clever. The attached adapters for the first seat just click up to a higher position. This lifts the seat higher and makes room for the tandem seat. Or, if you’re using it as a single, this function gives you the option to have your child ride closer to you! You’ll be able to bond more with your baby during walks and outdoor adventures. You’re able to place the first seat in the UPPAbaby Vista higher as well, but you’ll need adapters for that.

Both strollers have a fairly simple fold. What comes after the fold is what really can differentiate them: lifting. The Wave weighs in at 30 pounds as a single stroller, which is really on the heavier side. It’s not as optimal of a choice compared to the Vista at 26 pounds if you’re lifting it in and out of a car. But, as a city stroller, the Wave is an incredibly durable and high quality model that will last you for years. It pushes beautifully and has really luxe fabrics and details.

Watch our comparison on YouTube of the Silver Cross Wave 2017 and the UPPAbaby Vista 2017!

But, of course, the best demonstration of all is a stroller test drive at your nearest Magic Beans location. You tell us about your lifestyle and our gear gurus will do the rest. If you’re outside of Massachusetts or Connecticut, not to worry. Schedule a free consultation via phone, chat, or even video chat!


  1. Thank you for your comparisons and videos! They’re so so helpful and useful.
    Do you know if the travel bag for the uppababy vista would work for the silvercross wave? Silvercross hasn’t sold one for their stroller yet, right?

  2. We would suggest the Bugaboo travel bag for the Wave:

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