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Swinging Snug?

SnugGliderWhenever expectant parents ask me if they need to buy a swing, I always suggest they wait and see. Some babies really crave the motion while others don’t need it, and from my experience, if you’ve got one of the former, you’ll know it soon enough. Plus, swings eat up a ton of floor space.

I had a swing in my kitchen for the first year of both my kids’ lives, and I can probably count on two hands the number of times we actually used it. Whereas I can’t count the number of times we tripped over it. For us, it wasn’t a smart purchase. But I know a lot of parents who do swear by their swings and wouldn’t want to face life without one.

So it makes sense to get to know your baby a bit before committing to a swing.

But now, Graco has introduced a clever new accessory to the Snugride car seat – it’s the SnugGlider. This compact folding swing frame has all the perks of a full size swing – music, vibration, even nature sounds – except it doesn’t have a seat. Instead, you just snap in your Snugride or Safe Seat. Good for Graco – this is something that is worth putting on a registry.


  1. I thought it wasnt healthy for babies to spend that much time in a carseat? Doesnt this new invention basically encourage parents to leave the babies in a carseat even longer?

  2. This is a great point, for sure. But physiologically, I’m not sure there’s any difference between putting the baby in the car seat and putting the baby in a regular swing. I agree that in a best case scenario, babies shouldn’t be in a seated position for great lengths of time, and should get floor time, tummy time, sling time and should sleep on their backs in the comfort and safety of their own cribs. But I also know from my own experience and the experiences of many friends that sometimes reality can’t live up to the best case scenario. The reason I like the SnugGlider so much is because it’s a more economical and space-efficient solution for parents who will rely on the swing to get through the day.

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