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Techno of many colors

Techno XTSimplicity is a beautiful thing. After years of offering their flagship Techno stroller in an array of different colors, this year Maclaren got smart. Last year, there were three versions of the Techno: the Classic, the XLR and the XT, and there were so many color combinations, it would make your head spin. Now they’ve cut back substantially. The Classic is discontinued while the XLR comes in just four colors, but the big innovation is with the XT. The 2007 Techno XT comes in just one base color – gray. Then, you choose a separate “Comfort Pack” (included in the price of the stroller) which comes with a cushioned headrest and strap covers in a coordinating color. The choices are Crimson, Black, Pink, Blue and Gray. The Comfort Packs are also available as an add on, so, best of all, parents who are torn between color choices can just get two Comfort Packs.


  1. Wow, it takes some chutzpah to suggest to parents to “hey, just buy both!” in something so frivolous to begin with.

  2. Talia -I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to sound chutzpadik. Many parents will stand in the store for an hour trying to choose between two different colors. Some don’t care. But for the parents who are torn, it’s not such a large additional purchase that it would be prohibitive to get two – plus, think of the convenience factor – one gets dirty, throw it in the wash and use the other one.

    Also, please note that I misspoke, and I’ve edited the entry accordingly. The first Comfort Pack is included in the price of the stroller – it’s not an accessory. The second one you’d need to buy (or not!).

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