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The Powertwin is Coming

Red Powertwin The Jane Powertwin enjoys somewhat legendary status here in the US. Widely thought to be the best double stroller that isn’t yet available on this side of the ocean, stroller afficionados speak in reverant whispers of the Powertwin’s narrow footprint, smooth handling and two full-size reclining seats. We’d heard much about the Powertwin, so we were eager to sell it as soon as it became available in this country. Fortunately, that day is almost here. Jane has established a US distributor, and they will be releasing products as soon as they can pass the required safety tests.

We’ve just learned that the Powertwin should be available for sale by the end of April. We don’t have too many other details, though we’re working on those. When I saw the Powertwin at the ABC Kids Expo in September, I was very surprised by the easy handling of the stroller. In general, we don’t carry tandem strollers, based on negative feedback from parents about how difficult they are to push. This is the first tandem stroller I’ve encountered that is worth considering. The stadium-style seating makes the stroller a bit shorter than traditional tandems, and the construction is solid and well-balanced, which helps for a smooth ride.

We are getting a lot of interest in this stroller, and I will keep updating here as I get more information. Please feel free to post questions and I will do my best to respond.


  1. Does this stroller accommodate a newborn (with an infant carrier seat)?

  2. I am really interested in the powertwin. I am expecting my second child in May and my oldest won’t be 2 for three months after that. I have had a horrible time trying to find any other types of tandem joggers, especially ones that can handle a travel system. I can’t stand how wide the standard double jogger is and can hardly wait till the powertwin gets here. Does anyone have any idea on a price range or should I expect to pay nearly $600.00 for a stroller?

  3. Per an e-mail I received from the US distributor today:

    “The front seat lies back to approximately 45 degrees and the back seat lies completely flat.”

    “No infant car seat directly snaps into the Powertwin coming to the U.S. This is because Jane` has not yet developed a base for its infant car seat that is sold in Europe, and Jane` felt that until such time that they have an infant car seat with a base they would not introduce one into the U.S. market. If the consumer places an infant car seat into one of the seats of the Powertwin and firmly attached that car seat to the frame of the Powertwin that could be done at the discretion of the consumer.”

    I received a fax with retail pricing, but it is at my office. I will look it up and post it tomorrow.

  4. I own a retail store in Canada – would you know who the distributors for Jane are for USA or Canada ?

    Thank you -Debbie

  5. Hi Debbie,

    I am also from Canada and was considering ordering the Jane from the US when I found out I could not order it in Canada yet. The US website is I suspect it will be a looong time before this product will be available in Canada so I will probably order from the US but I hope that it (and accessories) will be available from Canada some day! Maybe you (as a retailer) can get things started!


  6. i need to know more info. about he stroller , can you please mail me asap i’m having my second child in june and i was wondering if i could order it by then. thank you

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