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This teddy isn’t for hugging

CPR TeddyEven though we took an infant CPR course when I was pregnant for the first time, like most parents, the thought of using any of those skills scares me to death. In a pinch, I can’t imagine I could reliably recall the critical details I learned that day almost five years ago.

So, while it’s tempting to chuckle at the new CPR Teddy, it’s actually a pretty good idea. Ideally, we would all repeat the Red Cross course annually, but practially speaking, it’s really hard to make that happen while juggling kids, work, community and anything else. The CPR Teddy is a cost-effective (and fuzzy) dummy that allows parents to practice CPR and choking rescue techniques right at home. The product is not designed to replace certification courses, rather it should ideally compliment that training.

I don’t think we’ll be carrying this in our store, but you can order it directly from their website.

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