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To bee or not to bee?

Bugaboo BeeThis is the question that Bugaboo enthusiasts will be asking themselves soon. Today, Bugaboo unveiled their most compact Bugaboo stroller, the Bee. Like the other Bugaboo models, the Bee has a nice suspension system, and the seat can turn to face towards or away from the pusher. Unlike its siblings, the Bee is not a “hybrid” stroller, as all four wheels are small. While it is comparatively compact, at 18 lbs it isn’t lightweight.

As you might expect, the Bee offers some innovations – an extendable seat, a very generous canopy, an elegantly designed basket that is accessible from both sides of the seat, a quick fold (yes, you can fold it with the seat on) – along with an unusual, swooping profile. There is also a telescoping handlebar, and car seat adaptors will be sold separately.

The thick pile carpet at this show is plaguing my attempts to gauge how well any stroller handles, but I would guess that the Bee is a smooth ride.

On a side note, Bugaboo is showing a video reel at the show that features the Bee, and it is awesome. It’s a choreographed dance routine that is pure eye candy (doesn’t hurt that the dancers are men). I can’t predict whether the stroller will be a success, but they get an A for presentation. Hopefully as the release date gets closer, they will post it on their website and/or YouTube. I’ll keep an eye out.
The Bee will be available in September and will retail for $529.


  1. WILL you guys have the bee?

  2. Good question. Not in our Brookline store, nor online. But we are opening another location in Wellesley, where we will hopefully have the Bee. Stay tuned.

  3. I was so excited to try the new Bugaboo Bee! The price was much better, I thought than the Cameleon or the Frog, even better than the Gecko!
    Their video on their website seemed very artistic and exceptionally well directed. However, in person, I was very disappointed. I went to a Baby Style store that carries the Bee Stroller and I was unpleasantly surprised.
    You still need to buy a $200.00 bassinet, it seems. So the price goes up, not down, once again for the Bugaboo!
    The stroller is definetely lightweight and easy to steer, as well as reversible, folds down easily in one movement, has a telescopic handle, definitely all pluses, but it looks so SMALL!Maclaren is better in this department!
    My 2 year and a half baby girl, who is pretty tall for her age, though both me and my husband are small in height, looked so unconfortable and screamed all the way:”I don’t like this stroller! Take me out, mommy, please!”
    Which we promptly did. For this amount of money, you are shelling, since you can’t really anticipate how tall your baby will grow, none of us is tall, after all, except for my dad,LOL, this stroller would let you go up to 2 years top.
    I think a Quinny Buzz might be a better choice.
    Funny how our little one seemed so happy once we transferred her to our much less expensive Maclaren.
    I am afraid that even Quinny Buzz is not tall enough, and the sun canopy is really small too, but it still seems a better option than the Bee! Other options are Valco Rad (an Australian Brand) for tall kids, Quinny, Maclaren and Mutsy.
    Cameleon remains our favorite stroller, albeit the high price.
    If you can choose between the Bee and the Cameleon, I would choose the Cameleon, without a doubt!

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