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Trick out your diaper bag

When disposable diapers come out of their packaging, they are lovely – smooth, clean and so flat. But after a day or two knocking around in your diaper bag they undergo an unpleasant transformation into fuzzy, puffy, wrinkled wads. It’s just inevitable, and it never seems to matter which appropriately-sized pocket you use to store them.

So a smart mom in Texas came up with a pretty cute idea. She created Diapees & Wipees, a cloth pouch perfectly sized to hold a few diapers and a plastic wipes case. The pouch is lightweight and extremely space-efficient, and her patterns are fresh and modern.

Aside from the vastly improved condition of my diapers, I found a terrific side benefit to this product. When going to change a diaper, I only needed to fish inside my bag for two distinct and easy-to-grab items – my changing pad and my diaper pouch. This was a revelation for me, since my diaper bag always seems to be packed to the brim and I am constantly digging for diapering essentials as spare outfits and stray socks fly through the air. Is it just me?

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